Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYE 09 Tahoe Stylee

Dec 31st The Arrival:
And what a New Years it was. Steph and I with Manda in tow went off to ring in the new year in Tahoe with her brother and his lady and some of their peeps. The ride up was uneventful and we made it to our hotel with plenty of time to spare thanks to some nice weather. We ended up going to the Mont Blue and shelling out $50 to watch 2009 roll around amongst a rather high concentration of Douche. And amazingly even though it was super cold outside, girls still managed to be basically naked. Ahh, the indomitable human spirit. The tickets we purchased made us privy to standing in a long line for a coat check which in the end was pretty much a free for all as the coat check girl had vanished. It was utter fucking chaos as none of our coats, and we had several were even together. I had to dig them out of a sizable pile on an even more sizable table. Fuck you coat check girl! I left you a five dollar tip thinking you were an above average coat check girl. I was wrong. Also, we were allowed entrance to not one but three different venues within the casino. First we wandered into a gigantic conference room where we were treated to the musical stylings of "DIsco Inferno" I'll say no more about them because it was as painful as can be imagined. Sad really. Next we ventured into the "dance" club were we counted down the final moments until 2009. Well that place sucked. So on to the Opal Lounge, and OMG that place was horrible too. I wanted to get my crunk on and shoot craps a little bit, but the table was packed and we settled for some penny slots instead. I fucking hate slots. We all had a nice buzz thanks to some well seasoned drinks. After some 4 A.M. chicken strips it was time to head back for the night.

Jan 1 The Frolic:
On Thursday we awoke rather late and in lieu of breakfast I opted for a Rueben at the Lakeside Inn and then it was time to frolic in the snow and put all the borrowed and bargin snow gear to the test. I had to buy girls boots from Target because they were all out of my size in dudes. Pink laces are fucking fashionable yo! We drove about 10 miles and happened upon a snow park full of kids sledding and grown ups our age being parents and watching the kids. Fuck it we have Peter Pan syndrome and so we shredded the slopes. the main difference between us and kids is that our backs are 20 years older and more prone hurting at the slightest provocation. The weather was calm and it wasn't too cold which is fortunate because Steph and I seem to have left our gloves at the hotel. We're hard as nails, total badasses and we frolic-ed on without them. That was the highlight of our day aside from a cookie at the Nestle place. Oh and Steph and I ended up watching a movie instead of gambling. No one was really feeling much like gambling, except maybe for me. But the fact that no one else did helped keep me in check. Gambling alone is just sad. In the end the siren song of gambling was drowned out by the brilliance that is Keaneu Reeves in his latest epic, The Day the Earth Stood Still. The fucking theater was out of Hot Dogs which is also sad.

Jan 2 Fin:
On Friday it snowed big time. We had to purchase chains and it took way too long to drive 30 miles. About, 3 hours too long. On the way home we stopped by my parents house in Sacramento and then decided to stay in town a little longer to chew on the gristle that is the local SIzzler. It was awesome.

Below are several photos that require no captions simply because they are what they are and we make no apologies:

Oh, and Steph made a pretty sweet montage of some of the Video we shot:

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