Monday, April 28, 2008

Mah lady is featured in an Inked mag. article

So prouds and so cute. Have a looksee.

Inked Pic

And, I also have a couple of tracks up on CD Baby:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Been a minute

......Since I've last posted. Alas, this is ok when it's mostly your own self reading it. Anyway, we had a very subtly nice weekend if I do say so myself. On Friday we had ourselves some Korean BBQ. I love Korean food, it's very spicy and yet very healthy for you. But, there are a few downsides. Steph is a Spice-wuss, by her own admission. I have no problem with making sure that the food that comes to our table is as non offensive to her palette as possible. The real problem is when the food comes and it's still a wee bit on the spicy side. I just feel bad about it, and she really does try but I can see the look in her eyes when I know the back of her throat is burning. Anyway, this situation happened with the tofu soup. It's normally a very very delicious soup, but unfortunately it's very spicy. I tried ordering a mild version and it was still too much. The other downside of Korean food is that it's to your detriment to try and go out afterwards, because you will smell like charred meat and pickled cabbage. I also was able to schedule this on one of Steph's hair washing nites. SO everybody won on Friday. On Saturday, we went on a "date" I suppose you could say. We wanted to try something different, in terms of food and restaurant. We opted for Dosa in the Mission. I must say it hit the spot. It was just different enough from the typical Indian cuisine. We're trying to eat a little better these days because we both have a huge appreciation for foods that are horrible for you and at our advanced age, this is not so good. Anyway, we had a veggie Dosa, which had potatoes, spices and minced veggies, and it came with two chutneys and a lentil soup as a sauce. I loved it. Also, we had a beet soup. It was tasty and colorful, and normally I hate beets. Steph likes them so I always try to get something with beets if it's available for her. Next we had a sort of Channa masala? I can't remember the exact name off hand, but it was garbanzos in a sauce, and it came with a big piece of puffy fried bread. Delicious. Also, we had some fried chicken and raita, which was tasty but very spicy, i ate all of it!!! Then we saw the Ruins. I have to say Steph is great because she will totally indulge and enjoy with me bad horror and sci fi films. I've never had it so good. I usually have to go see these films on my own, but she's right there with me taking in all of the genre's bad glory. This film I have to say was a little bit "meh" because we felt that the evil that lurked in the ruins wasn't so evil, it wasn't bad, i just wanted to see a back story on this thing. There was so much potential that went undeveloped. So that and a few visits to the dog park and some naps on the couch and you have a pretty nice weekend.

also, just felt like posting this 'cause yeah I like this version of the song: