Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ugs Mission

As I may have mentioned Steph and I took off last weekend for a little Ugly Sweater meet up in L.A. at Disneyland. Needless to say we were the only two who made it. No problem, we were flossin' in our ugly Christmas sweaters on our own. It was super fun but Steph pretty much captured the magic here D-Land Trip!!!! With that being said while we were at D-land, on a sunny, crisp December day I noticed a lot of girls wearing Ugs. I don't exactly get Ugs and I don't know what to make of them. I suppose on an Inuit girl, sure they work just fine. My favorite is the Ugs with mni-skirt look. So I decided to undertake a clandestine mission. A mission to surreptitiously chronicle the many and various forms of Ugs on girls at Disneyland. This proved to be much harder than I had thought considering I usually had to hold the camera at odd angles so as not to not be too obvious. Many of the girls were with their dudes and understandably most dudes are not going to be cool with some strange guy taking pics of his lady, even for purely academic purposes such as this. I know I wouldn't. Also, there was an issue of catching Ugs on the move and not being able to properly focus the camera. Regardless I was able catch much of the action. Now this is only a small sampling of the Ugs on display at just one location in a city of millions on just one day. Imagine how many Ugs there are walking the streets at this very moment. The figures must be staggering. At the end of the night we were strolling through downtown Disney and we actually spotted the most epic exclamation point for a day of Skull-Uggery. A kiosk that provided a service which allows you to bling out your Ugs. I fucking kid you not. You could seriously purchase metallic and bejeweled accoutrement and have it attached at a fee to your Ugs in order to make them satnd out in a sea of Ugs. (Please note I consider any jeans tucked into a wintery boot to be an Ug incident though the boot may not be an actual Ug. I know, I get it)

On a Side note, I didn't bother to add captions because the the pics speak for themselves, but there was one pic that stands out in my mind and that is the second to last shot. The woman wearing these had a very Eastern-Euro look about her and her choice in footwear is almost a dead giveaway. I say that because you will know a Russian girl by her choice to wear white heels with a track suit. This woman's Ugs were not even actual boots but rather they were these furry ankle things that you pull on over your shoes and tuck your pants into, almost like leg warmers from the days of yore, but better. AWESOME!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Me n Steph

Me n Steph, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

Ok I look really not so lovable here but she looks real good. I like the color of her hair here.

La Brea Tar Pits

I love this Pic.

Me n Steph

Me n Steph, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

Hey Check out our trip to LA!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Egads! Ajads! or My new Line of Pickles coming soon.

Spice Odyssey: Egads! Ajads! or My new Line of Pickles coming soon.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Radio Show up!!!

Ok, here it is already the 24th. I totally forgot that on the 21st the latest edition of my radio show went live. Go on over to and look up DJ Hanabi's Super Terrific Happy Hour.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back so Soon?

Steph and I had a nice little sojourn to L.A. this weekend. We accomplished much and there are many photos with stories to come.

Stay Tuned.

Are you Korean

Are you Korean, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

We're cray-ji for Kim Chee!

Screaming Blue Mimi

Quite a little mash up I've got going on here. I can say that I think the Blue filter is rather a nice filter, don't you think? Sometimes I forget if I've already taken a shot so I just have to wing it and take another photo. This is a prime example of this in action. Hmmm, Me, Steph, a book shelf, some KimChee bowls and our bed. Yep that's offbeat and witty of me.

Bibi and Girl

Bibi and Girl, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

Just another one of my Rando Holga Pics. The Blue Filter really picks out the blue in everything, don't you think?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Warm n Toasty

Spice Odyssey: Warm n Toasty

Busy Bee

Wow what a whirlwind weekend. On Friday we ventured to Belvedere across the Golden Gate to our friend Oliver's Mom's house to decorate Gingerbread Houses. Yep. I did that. Me of noted Bah-Humbuggery actually did a Christmas-y thing. In my family Christmas is waning in importance anymore. Boo Hoo. But, I had a good time and I quite enjoyed working with Steph to build a Gingerbread dream cottage. I was quite taken with the placement of snow on our house. I had to call upon several winter's worth of snow observations as a little boy in order to get it right. Also, I knew Oliver was Danish but I had no idea he could speak that Viking talk. Nice.

On Saturday we wanted to go to Indie Mart but unfortch, we didn't make it. But I got my Powerbook back from the computer Dr. and I ended up spending way less than I thought. Nice. Then later that night we caught Milk and although I thought it was pretty good I had to call bullshit because Sean Penn is totally using his I Am Sam voice. Look for yourself, the evidence is overwhelming.

Lastly on Sunday we hosted a "food that looks like other food" brunch and gift exchange. It was way fun and the funny was awesome. Steph made a cake made from meatloaf and mashed potatoes. She even went with grated Parmesan which ended up looking like grated coconut. Nice! I made a pizza, a sweet pizza. It was puff pastry with a strawberry sauce I made that looked like tomato sauce and icing sugar to look like mozzarella, I made pepperoni using melted white chocolate that I had dyed red and cut out using a round mold. The look was convincing but the taste was off because my icing sugar kept melting into the not quite cool puff pastry. Thus I had to keep applying icing until I could see white areas. It was way, way too sweet and gooey.

Lastly we come to the gift exchange. It was a white elephant style exchange and I wanted to get something epic. I think the picture says it all. Our friend Oliver ended up with it. He is lucky.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Ode to fast foods that feature Jalapenos

Spice Odyssey: Ode to fast foods that feature Jalapenos

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Radio Show up!!!!!! And a brief hygiene and ettiqute lesson

Yo yo yo!!! The latest edition of the our radio show is up on BREAKTHRURADIO.COM. This weeks edition is a bit of a departure from our regularly scheduled program, a.k.a. The Super Terrific Happy Hour. This week we've produced our Cooking Show. This idea was basically "cooked up" (OMG! HORRID PUN.)by the BTR peeps. The idea is to list a recipe and a playlist to accompany the "cooking" of said recipe. I cook a lot so this idea did interest me. Also, the great thing was that we had free reign as far as our playlist goes. For the recipe, it's the Spam loaf I made for our Retro Brunch. I also skewed the playlist that accompanies each show accordingly. If you've listened to our shows, and read the playlist you probably know by now John and I have a pretty dry, cynical sense of humor. Very tongue in cheek if you will. Also, the playlist consists of tracks by John which we of course made up fake band names and song names for each. So go to BREAKTHRURADIO.COM and look up DJ Hanabi and listen to the Cooking Show. I would've included a direct link to to our page but, the peeps at BTR never seem to remember to send us our direct link for each show. Oh well.

The next thing I have to say is: Never, ever, ever take food or bev. into a restroom. Especially a PUBLIC RESTROOM! I witnessed this on Saturday night. We were at the movie theater on Saturday and a nameless peep in tow went to use the facilities and took a bag of popcorn along for the ride. WTF? Someone could have held on to that for you. That popcorn has been flagged! And yes, I hate, hate, hate public restrooms. It's not a full blown phobia because I will use them if need be and I have seen a few that were actually quite nice in my time. On a side note, my secret is to always duck into a hotel, preferably a fancy one, and use on of the lobby restrooms. I've told Steph the trick is to act like you're staying there, whatever that means. Seriously I walk into these hotels and in my mind I am telling myself that I am a guest of the hotel and that I just needed to pop back in for some reason. I think this makes it very convincing. Still never bring food into these restrooms.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

M83 Last Night

Last night Steph and I went to peep M83 at the Fillmore. I thought it was a great show. I kept thinking that the music would be great in a John Hughes brat pack movie. I kept seeing a montage of emo moments with Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson and Alley Sheedy in my head. I have no basis for this but the band probably wouldn't mind the thought of it. Then again I don't know them and maybe they would but I could care less. One thing I noticed was that their drummer is really good. I was a bit sad because I couldn't get the lowdown on the gear they were using as we were in the back of the room. I must say Steph was a champ for coming out last night.

Afterwards we went for a little late night Ramen at Katana-Ya. It hit the spot.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spice Odyssey: My Bánh mì is keepin' it straight gangster

Spice Odyssey: My Bánh mì is keepin' it straight gangster

Spice Odyssey: I think your Pani is touching my Puri.

Spice Odyssey: I think your Pani is touching my Puri.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pancake Porn

This weekend was, well, a weekend I guess. Not too much of note here. On Friday we tried the restaurant that is right up the street from us that everyone raves about and people will wait in line to go to. I'm talking about Hard Knox cafe on 3rd st. They serve, Soul Food. Steph and I dig fried chicken and greens and mac n cheese, so this should have been a no brainer and we should have been kicking ourselves for having lived in the hood for almost a year and not eating there. That is until we actually tried the food. All I can say is, "WTF?" Why is this place such a big deal? I have no idea. I'd have to say we were disappointed to say the least.

On Saturday we dined with a friend who was visiting town at La Provence in the Mission. It was fine I suppose. I've eaten there before but it wasn't worth the trip the second time. The Coq au Vin was just sad. I've made the dish a few times and I'd put mine up against it any day. Although it's been a couple of years since I last made it. So mine might be a little off these days as well. Their Bouillabaisse is ruling though.

On Sunday, after huffing a bunch of cheap paint trying to spraypaint a shelf we went to whole foods so that I could get some ingredients with which to make some butternut squash soup, which I might add was with out equal, (Garnished with a Sorrel and Sage infused oil, topped with cream fraiche. Made a Bacon flat bread, but it didn't have enough bacon. Also lamb with a mustard sauce! Which came out perfect except I wanted a bit more of a crust on top. Should have broiled instead of roasted) and that's when we found it. Pancakes in a can! As soon as we saw it, we sort of looked at each other and knew this can was going home with us. This marvel of modernity has come to the rescue. Too often do I find my self saying "I'd sure love a pancake right now but I don't want all the fuss and muss. I sure don't want to pay those retail prices! Now there's pancakes in a can! First the inter-webs and now pancakes in a can. Jet packs are right around the corner. I can feel it. Also the fun thing about this new sensation is the amount of innuendo that can be inferred from this product. It's almost like they have to know and are just playing a joke on everyone. The can is about 12" in length and is basically a whipped cream can. The name of the product "BATTER BLASTER." It even highlights easy clean up by instructing you to "wipe the tip" after use. Ok, admittedly it's not that funny on the surface. Kinda a little bit frat humorish. Maybe if you explain the parallels to a classroom full of 12 year old boys, then you might seem like Dangerfield in his prime. For me the amusment is based on me imagining it's a marketing team full of Fight Club devotees who are not talking about Fight Club but rather are making certain that there will be awkward moments of silence when Hockey Mom's (note hockey instead of soccer in an attempt to seem current) across the country talk about the "Batter Blaster" in front of their kids on a Saturday morning. In my house this would have been psychologically damaging beyond compare.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Egregious with a side of Dim Sum

Sometimes I say stupid things. Scratch that, sometimes I say things stupidly. It's nice to have someone that can give you an extra moment to explain things a little more clearly and with a bit more distinction.

Had an all Chinese eats, lonely dads club weekend. It started with Hot Pot on Saturday and ended with Dim Sum on Sunday. Bonded over the spicy side of the Hot Pot. Was given the White Peeps Fork, "just in case!"

Ordered pizza, because it was there. Saw the new Bond, noticed he only "did it" with one girl. We've come a long way since Connery's shooing his lady of the moment away with a firm smack on the ass and an assertive "Man talk!" Bought my lady a Kettle Corn and I did not smack her ass.

Steph was dizzy, topsy turvey. Dramamine, ineffective.

Buried two rather pricey pork chops under purple cabbage in the crock pot and hoped for the best. The dogs liked it.

Why oh why didn't I back up my hard drive?

Oliver, I owe your boy $20!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Radio Show!

The latest edition of DJ Hanabi's Super Terrific Happy Hour is up yo! Just go to and look for DJ Hanabi and there you have it!

Also in other news not related, my hard drive just went down, rendering my powerbook useless for the time being. I have to ship it off to So-Cal for data recovery because I was too lazy to be bothered to back up my files onto my external drive. this will be an expensive and really retarded lesson.

Fuck it, I'm going to whole foods.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Gah! Gag me with a Gored Gored!

Spice Odyssey: Gah! Gag me with a Gored Gored!

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Radio Show is up

Hey, our latest installment of the Super Terrific Happy Hour is up on We almost got fired trying to get this one together but we managed. I pretty much spent all of last weekend in a panic state.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Adventures at Safeway

Spice Odyssey: Adventures at Safeway

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not to get ahead of myself

Yesterday we visited the retail store for Loyal Army in the Haight. I really felt motivated by the shop's existence and especially after reading about how the brand was established. As far as I know the owner never was a designer nor an industry insider. He simply had some cool little food sketches and he hooked up with a good biz partner. Anyway, their designs are simple, hand drawn and actually very cool and yes they cater to a very young crowd of girls and a subset of "cute" obsessed older girls. They are also located here in S.F. and they make everything here in the city and yet they manage to have reasonable prices. Then I read that this year they projected sales of $6 million. I'm not using that as a benchmark and no I'm not picking a Ferrari or anything quite yet. I'm just very enthusiastic in my quest to build a saleable and well branded clothing line. It's encouraging to see that if you do things right you can come out the other end on top. I think we have a lot of solid ideas for Fondu Victory and we're very close to leaping off the precipice. It's just nice that right now since we have no exposure we can sort of fine tune behind the scenes. Also I think I have a great group of peeps to work with.

Spice Odyssey: Cauldron of Doom!

Spice Odyssey: Cauldron of Doom!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Spice Odyssey: achaar-ry or Damn girl! Your Hot Mango Pickle is bhangin!

Spice Odyssey: achaar-ry or Damn girl! Your Hot Mango Pickle is bhangin!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Ko-Rhea Fud

Spice Odyssey: Ko-Rhea Fud

Pot Pie Circus

This weeks mystery box of veggies turned up to be full of some tasty yum yums. I decided that with fall approaching it would be a delicious treat to make homemade pot pie. I felt like going the smallish individual sized route and i used a muffin pan to make 8 little individual pies, and WOW! They turned out better than I had expected. I used sage as the main herbal ingredient. Ok, the puff pastry was had from Whole Foods, and I did that because I will tell what. Making puff pastry dough is a bitch and takes a few hours to get the proper layering. Also the chicken was rotisserie also from W.F. as time was a factor. Enjoy!pot pie

Fast Forward to last night, Steph was invited to meet up with her LJ colorful girl posse at Teatre Zinzanni. Although I know of this place it's usually not a place I'd think of going as performance art type things are usually not my cup of tea. But I have to say for what it was, and for $20 a person it was pretty entertaining. Mind you we went to the late night edition so it's supposed to be more risque and dressing up is encouraged. Upon entering we were immediately wondering "who are these people" and "what era is this mode of dress supposed to represent?" After thinking about it I feel that it was supposed to evoke a sort of vaudevillian look. I think that after some thought I've decided that they we're going for a decidedly Far and Away meets Gangs of New York theme as some of the dudes, and one that Steph seemed especially concerned with until she found out he was balding, were dressed as 1800s bare knuckle boxers. Among the other groups represented we decided that there were swing dancing aficionados, Burning Man peeps, overzealous Anne Rice fans, and peeps that are way into burlesque. As for the talent on stage, we were treated to a girl that sang an ode to salty meats while showing us her pasty clad boobs. Then we got to see a very androgynous contortionist. Another classic was spoken word poetry in the guise of a Mexican gangster about Charlie Brown's lack of brown peeps appearing in the comic strip. The last act was another burlesque piece by a girl sitting on a cupcake and who had cupcakes on her boobs. Her stats according to her song were: 5ft even and 101 lbs. Though she made no reference to her bust and hips. Strong

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hi Ya Cuisine!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday it was Stephanie's pop's b-day and for his big day he was given the heads up by his restaurant owning buddy that they had a very hush-hush menu addition. That being 50 prized mitten or "hairy crabs" as they're known on the streets, my namesake, which are considered a delicacy to China peeps. Of that 50 we were responsible for consuming no less than 20. A happy birthday indeed. So, why is the consumption of this smallish and yes very hairy crab such a clandestine and covert affair in which diners might as well keep a place setting open for James Bond because it's so spy-tacular? The short answer is that it's illegal in the US. Yes contraband crab. Apparently it's a pretty rugged crab as it seems to be able to exist everywhere and is super competitive and thus fucks with local ecosystems. So the US and Europe consider it a pest, but one mans pest is another mans........ well you know.

As to the crabs themselves, well I found them to be quite yummy, especially with the ginger vinegar you douse it with. But one should know that I seemed to have ended up with the most perfect specimens from which to base that opinion. Mine were full of bright orange goo inside and pearly white meat. Steph's was black on the inside but she was told it's ok to eat but just not as good as mine. Sad. So I spilt the other with her. After I figured out that you pretty much have to get your hands all yucky in order to eat them and it was with great difficulty I resigned myself to that fate, and finally went to town, sucking meat and goo from the hollows of the now indescribably evicerated pieces and parts of this little fleecy footed crustacean. I must have looked expert in doing do, as it prompted Steph's mom to say "Oh, look Matt is Chinese!" It very much reminded me of the scene in Dune when Liet Kynes, the Imperial Planetologist, said to Paul, then still Atredies, "Your stillsuit is fitted desert fashion! Who taught you to do this?" to which paul replied "It seemed the proper way." Yes, I am very much like Paul Muad' Dib when it comes to crab eating.

Also an interesting fact about these crabs bearing in mind that these were flown in from China, under the radar and knowing China's current issues with the environment:

"The mitten crabs had exhibited a remarkable ability to survive in highly modified aquatic habitats, including polluted waters.[2] Like certain fish, they can also easily tolerate and uptake heavy metals, such as cadmium and mercury. Therefore, the farming and post-harvesting of the species needs proper management if it is used as a food."

A note to my doctor: "Dear Dr.______ The high levels of toxic metals in my blood are because of some delicious little crabs. No I have not been eating paint chips."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Showy

Last night we went with a couple of friends to see Sigur Ros at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. It was a great show at a great venue. Shoegazing compliments of Iceland. It was rather fortunate because about halfway into the very last track it started pouring. Luck was on our side as far as the weather was concerned. Also parking was a breeze thanks to some kids opening up their parking spots in their very strange apartment/ commune. We ended up the night at Fuji-ya for a little late night ramen.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hmmm, Yes, let's do go back to High School

With the upcoming release of Nick and Norah, Steph borrowed the book and I actually think it's pretty cool considering it's meant for an audience half my age. Anyway Steph asked me the other night if I could relate to Nick at all and I said "No, he's too cool!" Seriously, the way he's written, wow, that's a cool kid. So what was high school like for Hairy?

In High School Matt was an overly angry, very skinny, shy, nerdy kid who drove a mini van and was tortured by the fact that he knew more than anybody else in the world and refused listen to anybody’s sound advice. Girls were scary and to be avoided. Weekends consisted of driving around in the minivan late at night looking for grocery store parking lots to skate in, spelunking for change in order to eat taco bell, making homemade movies and videos (badly), working very hard to do as little homework as possible and still get A's on the test, formation of the "Cerebral Posse" which was sort of a special peoples club on wheels and thus likened the minivan to a short bus and all members were issued a helmet (we were not so PC), subsequent formation of the "Girl Maulers" in order to countermand the "ReBe-G's" insurrection, and last but not least we were proud to be the only band in our suburb using a Drum Machine. We were super innovative. We wanted nothing more than to be the second coming of Ministry. Oh how we tried. But regardless of how much of a nerd I was, or how utterly not cool my little circle friends was we still had the music, and we liked good music. Here's a lil snap shot of things that I was loving in High School. I think the main theme is: Matt's angry about something.

Ok, ok. I could seriously keep going all day. But I'll stop.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steph on Steph

Steph on Steph, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

Steph being Steph

I think it's Post St.

Night Shot

Retro Brunch

Retro Brunch, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

Retro Brunch. Steph's cake.

Retro Brunch 2

Retro Brunch 2, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

Holga shot from the Retro Brunch

Music that I appreciate.

I love innovative musicians. I love experimentation. I love it when musicians try to go beyond an expected format. Sadly, I'm not as much of an elitist music nerd as I used to be. I was once able to recite an albums track listing in alphabetical order, as well as b-sides, euro release only 12" vinyl and what a band had for breakfast that morning. I'd study a bands equipment setups and enter into long debates on topics such as "what synth made that blip-blip noise." I once spent the ungodly sum of $20 on a rare import of the Cure's 3 Imaginary Boys album on TAPE when I was in High School. One of the coolest shows I ever went to was at the Knitting Factory in New York where I saw Glenn Branca leading an awesome guitar orchestra. Then came my iPod, and Limewire. I simply enter a bands name and I have all the tracks. I could care less who is in the band, or what the name of the tracks are. I am pathetic. However, this is not to bash the Digi-Music format. In fact in my current lazy years the MP3 has made my life a whole lot easier as well as saved me a ton of money, and not to mention space in my house because I don't have to have all kinds of CDs cluttering up the place. I'm just saying I don't have to work as hard for my musical taste anymore. Anyway, Steph and I are going to Sigur Ros on Friday night at the Greek in Berkeley. Mind you, we're still very, very cool.

Anyway, at least these guys are out there caring enough about music to make it exciting and different. I appreciate them immensely.

Spice Odyssey: Spice Girls

Spice Odyssey: Spice Girls

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The secret of my sex-cess

There comes a time in a dudes life where he must reveal how he is so smooth, how he makes his lady swoon. It is that time in my life. Fellas if you should take heed so that you to can get a rockin' lady of your own one day. I give you SMOOVE B Use this at your own risk for you will become irresistible to the fairer sex.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Museum Nerd over here.

Oh man I just love to go to museums. Whenever I travel someplace I try to go at least one notable museum. When I was a lad I used to make my parents take me to the Minnesota Science Museum where I would geek out on all kinds of things. I loved me some fossils and Egyptian things. Anyway, here in SF another amazing looking museum will be opening it's doors this weekend Academy of Sciences and I can't wait to go. But I think we can give it a couple of weeks because this weekend is going to be crowded. I remember when the DeYoung opened up and it was open 24 hrs. the first weekend and it was always like a 2 hour wait.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm takin it back!

Last night we (well I turned it on and Steph didn't roll her eyes at me) watched a documentary on the Sheffield post-punk scene. It was very cool, and I learned a lot about the beginnings of bands like the Human League, who I really like. I've always known much more about the Manchester post punk scene. So it was refreshing and I've decided to post on of my favie cuts.

Spice Odyssey: Vinda-looney

Spice Odyssey: Vinda-looney

Monday, September 22, 2008

Retro Brunch and Coffee hour

On Saturday we hosted a very retro styled brunch and coffee hour. The idea came from a retro breakfast cookbook from like 1955. It's filled with recipes that can take hours to prepare and strings of pearls to pull them off. Women working? Outside the Home? Balderdash! Who will make Schnecken on a Tuesday morning for Hubby's Elks Lodge meeting after the office? It certainly won't make itself. Ahhh, the 1950's a time when our grandparents we're pretty much our age. A time when drinking a daily highball was routine. A time when........well we've all seen how it ends "Stay Gold" Ponyboy!

We had a solid turnout and Manda really came through with the bacon in the end. I grabbed some pics that Steph took because I blew a whole roll of Holga film that I still have to develop. So I'll post those later on. Anyway. The peeps really came through on the food and each dish made just added to the atmosphere. Enjoy!!!

Here's a pic of our green thing loaded with eats

Here's my Spam n Egg loaf!

Ya want some tomatoes stuffed with corned beef hash and topped with eggs and hollandaise sauce? Ok here ya go!

Man AJ and his lady, also a Stephanie, really brought the heat with this dish. The presentation is just splendid.

How about Andy and Carafina bringing this tater-tot laden monster casserole in a cab! They are ruling!

Last but not least Steph made a 3am pineapple upsidedown cake that turned out amazing and coordinated nicely with one of her latest masterpieces she's been working on. Life imitating art. There is something to be said about baking in the wee hours of the night. Just ask Steph about some snickerdoodles I made one time at ridiculous o'clock.

Anyway, if I had more time to prepare the outfit, Steph suggested i wear the following: Bathrobe (undone), wifebeater, boxers, black socks with sock garters and although footwear wasn't discussed I would opt for loafers.

New Super Terrific Happy Hour up on

So the new show went up today and it's full of some zingers, especially a cover of the Who's "Young Girl 17 and Sexually Knowing" which to be honest I didn't realize was a cover until I was watching Quadrophenia and sort of connected the dots. "We are the Mods! We are the Mods! We are, we are we are the Mods!" Anyway, go listen to some J-Pop on when ya get the chance. Also, holy eff John and I should be getting a check in the mail pretty soon for this I should think.

Also, had a 50's brunch this weekend. It went well. Pics to come.

Got the screen printing studio all set up and ready to go.

Light Kit needed.

Working on a couple of new pages for the stories (shirts).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Wonder Woman query

Steph asked me perhaps the most random and at the same time, coolest question ever. It was about 4 am, which is pretty much sleepy time in our Gnome loft, and out of nowhere Steph asks me "Isn't Wonder Woman supposed to be an Amazon?" If memory serves, I think she is. Anyway, the question immediately made me conjure up the best TV Theme song EVER!!!!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Stephy-Pop, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

One of the New Holga pics.

A couple of new Holga shots.

I put up a couple of new shots from the Holga today.

Mattsy's Flickr

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spice Odyssey: My new Fav Chips and Salsa combo. Holy Fuck are these good!

Spice Odyssey: My new Fav Chips and Salsa combo. Holy Fuck are these good!

Pika Pika

Over the weekend we had to stop by Japan Town to get a book for Steph and we stopped by Pika Pika to hit up the Purikura machines. This place is newer in Japan Town. They used to have a few machines downstairs but none as techno as these. These have a green screen backdrop and a seperate editing booth. It's no joke up in Pika Pika. We cobbled together this beauty. If I could take back the laudry room pic I so would.

What I learned from my time with the Large Hadron Collider

After smashing two atoms of bullshit together at speeds nearing that of light I stumbled upon one of those, unifying the inconceivably big and impossibly small, fabric of the universe type discoveries. "The Death Cab-ostal Service Conundrum" I have discovered that girls, in truth really don't care for Death Cab so much. I Think boys like Death Cab because they think girls like Death Cab. I get it. I suppose they do have some hummable, poppy tunes and the dude has a decent enough voice. By all rights, girls should probably like em. Then again, the dude isn't anyone most girls would ever think of as being "dreamy." Hmmm, perhaps boys like them for the fact that the dude isn't dreamy and in fact this girly voiced fat guy may just be a shade more ugly than most boys. Now do I consider myself a Death Cab dude? Nope. I'd say I'm indifferent, I just don't care.

As for the Postal Service, well it's a terrible name for a band, right down to the very last letter "e", it's just lame and is an indicator that available band names are reaching a threshold. If they were smart they would have called themselves FedEx and worked out some huge product placement deal since they seemed to be going the parcel delivery route to naming a band. Girls should not like the Postal Service. I say this chiefly because I enjoy cozy blanket statements like that. Secondly, I feel that most girls are not usually big time proponents of slightly glitchy, mildly IDM-esque, repetitive-ish synth fests. However, I will say it's done in a pop manner, which is why girls like it. The main difference between the Postal Service and much similar music, which I think most girls would dislike, is that it features vocals. Vocals by the dude from the aforementioned band, Death Cab. As for boys, well I suppose I'd say I probably like the Postal Service more than Death Cab, and that's because I'm kind of a synth nerd. I'd prefer it if the dude didn't sing, thus making it music girls should probably hate. But honestly what do i know because I was once told by someone "Ugh! You have the musical taste of a 30 year old girl!" I thought that as far as insult hurling goes, this was probably one of the best I've had hurled at me and it made me chuckle. Yeah, I like the Smiths, so fucking what? I digress. I feel that boys like the Postal Service for similar reasons to why I think they're OK but also for the same reason that they like Death Cab in the first place. It just so happens that in this case they're actually right. Girls like the Postal Service. But they shouldn't.

I will attempt to note the principles of the conundrum: Girls don't like a band that features a singer who sings for a band whose music they shouldn't like but because he is singing they really do. Lost in all this is the fact that the band they hate features a smattering of acoustic guitar laden songs with emotional and reflective lyrics sung by the same guy from the band which they like but whose music they should hate. I can site proof for the acoustic guitar theory (see below). Boys like things that they think will make girls want to let them touch their boobs. I love being a boy who likes boobs.

(From Above) The Acoustic guitar and the girls genetically programmed to like it theory proof: Janes Addiction's "Jane Says." Seriously, listen to it. There is no girl over 30 who doesn't think this is like the best Janes Addiction song ever. It has an acoustic guitar. I like that song. I have the musical taste of a 30 year old girl. Girls under 30 say "Janes WHO,WHAT? but hey, do you like the Postal Service BTW?"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Too bad.

A member of one of my fav bands died today. I should have went to see them in 1994 when I had the chance. Shucks!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Tom Kha in the Can! Bitches

Spice Odyssey: Tom Kha in the Can! Bitches

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Weekend plus a cheese course.

Steph's brother's wedding was this past weekend and it was choc full of chinese food, creepy godfathers and fun. Also, we were treated to Steph's fabulous cousin Victor staying with us. He's a blast to be around, and did I mention, that dude has no off switch. Epic! Last Thursday, we took Vic to Asia SF to watch the Trannys work it. It was good times for all. Below are some pics of various stuff.

At Asia SF

Also at Asia SF

Steph n cousin Vic at the wedding banquet.

Photobucket A lil jump kicking gif

Photobucket The Coup de Gras

As promised there is a cheese course. The idea i have pitched is: One uber wild cheese tasting a month. We had ours for the month and I think Steph said it best in her Yucky Blog:

Also on the agenda with a date to be determined. A Retro Brunh. This all came about when the vintage cookbooks I ordered on eBay arrived. One of the them is entitled "Brunch, Breakfast and Morning Coffee". It's filled with all kinds of eats prepared lovingly by ladies in pearls and fancy dresses with well coiffed hair dos. I hoping to make this thing happen within the next couple of weeks.

And finally as I endeavor to learn to use my Holga I wanted to post to a Flickr account because I figured it was a good place to get tips from other peeps etc. So from my first roll I captured one usable image but I like it. It was taken with no flash and I just left the shutter open for a few minutes. More to come. Holga Pics

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Radio Show Up. DJ Hanbi in the Hizouse!

So the latest installment of my radio show, The Super Teriffic Happy Hour, went up yeasterday on break thru radio dot com
Be warned that the sound quality of the mic breaks is horrible due to use of a bad, shitty, busted mic. I selected the tracks and did the voice overs (holy fuck do I really sound like that? Vow of silence from here on out. Starting now!) and John mixed it down in an internet cafe in Amsterdam. So yeah, we're called DJ Hanabi, just look for us under the DJs section to listen to the show.

Also BTR finally managed to post the good pic of us. This one is entitled "Formal Ninjitsu"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Note to Self.........

................I'm filing a greivance against myself for not purchasing a Radiohead ticket for tonight. What was I thinking? Perhaps I will saunter down to the park and have a listen. But something tells me I won't be the only person with that idea and the whole inner sunset and upper Haight will be clogged with revelers. Meh!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yum Yum Tuna Bites

Ok, the lighting in the pic is just a shade to the left of awful, but I assure you it was tasty. I had seared tuna in a miso and ginger broth with shitake mushrooms and scallions. On the side a micro geens salad with a soy, sesame, miso and ginger dressing. It was very simple and could have fed two peeps for under 20 bucks. Anyway I'm off to finish watching Escape from New York and continue cutting up sections of astro turf for the bookshelves.