Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So, the LA craft fair/ D-land excursion was fun and a much needed break, however, it was not condusive to restfulness. We arrived at the hotel at about 4 am on friday, we basically woke up to phone calls at 9:30am. We, at least Steph and I wandered around D-Land in a fog and we didn't leave the park until about 11-ish? I ahve to admit I was very tired and really just wanted to lounge and I think, make that I know that Manda, Steph and even G-po did as well. However, we had to take G-Po back to his hotel, downtown. Also, hanging at a Motel 6 in Anaheim just isn't condusive to fun. So we went to a cool loungy bar in West H-wood. Then on to Pinks for some dogs and fries. That brings us to food. We ate like savages and we ate horribly. I really try to limit my fast food intake to road trips. On the way down we stopped at the following: In and Out, McDonalds for the fries to pair with the In and Out, Wendy's for frosties and then Arby's at 2 AM to quote Hillary, "just because it was there." Then of course add on D-Land fare, which Steph and I wisely split. We did have a nice 4pm Brunch at the Vienna Cafe on Melrose, and the peeps that worked there were just insanely nice. Scene: A vey tired Manda inquiring about the eggs. "what size are the eggs?" A perplexed server who could have been rude "You're silly!" We all had a good laugh at this. A little levity for some tired peeps who still had a long drive back through smelly cow poo. As for the craft fair, Steph got her mypapercrane stump and Manda a cactus. Joy! November has been a little rough, Steph has had a lot on her mind with the new loft and all, so I've been seeing moody, grouchy Steph lately. I get it though and just don't take it to heart. Looks like move in is the 15th and she gets the keys today. I am proud of her even though it's been rough on her. I think the LA trip caused me to be really tired and out of sorts and thus on Monday nite I sort of vented at her. I think it was a bit surprising to her, but she understood after all was said and done. Rambling now.............. Photobucket

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Things that will only interest me:
1. Steph got her loft. Moving day TBD. Hello, astroturf fun!
2. LA Trip next weekend, Ah yeah, Anaheim Motel 6. We do it proper when we travel.
3. Learning Ableton. Need to do this. I've been living under a musical rock. Sheesh!