Monday, June 23, 2008

Off to Chicago.........

.........On Wednesday. Should be a fun trip. I like CHicago and I am excited to see Steph's blanket in the show. Also we got dining table finally. The Gnome loft is starting to take shape. It's tough because neither of us think of ourselves as having any kind of interior design skills as evidenced by the mini couch thing we got for our bedroom and it's sole purpose being a bed for the dogs. Sure it takes up a liitle bit of space, but hey they seem to like it thus far. ............ This just came to me, and I don't know why I'm entertaining this idea, but I'm thinking I'll start a new blog, called the Gnome Loft, and I'll take a bunch of pics of our place and we'll let rando peeps give suggestions about what would look good in our place. I dunno, I'm insane, I have all of the following on tap to work on:

a. Chef on Occasion
b. Spice Odyessy
c. D-I-Guy
d. Fondu Victory
e. Radio Show
f. Music.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Why does the Marina have to be so like it is sometimes? I have no objections to "bro's" and their ilk having the freedom to wear all the striped shirts and boot cut jeans they want, it's their lives. However I must object to the offerings of Saturday night. Steph's friend was in town from L.A. and we went to pay her a visit, at the Mrs. Doubtfire house no less, but that's another story. Actually it's not really a story at all just a matter of fact. Anyway we went to the the Blue Light, and after a few rounds of drinks we were leaving in an orderly fashion. All of a sudden a brotastic dude comes walking through and purposely pushes into one of our entourage. There was no reason to do so other than to basically pee on some peeps and show everyone how "totally ripped" he was. Ugh!!!! ANyway, what a dick! Excuse me is an appropriate courtesy to extend in these instances, a common sense of decorum would dictate as such.

Monday, June 2, 2008

BiBi's Joey!!!

So this is why we got another one. The photo opps, clearly.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Dog

We got BiBi a new little friend. She's a dachshund and pincher mix. Her name for now is Bunny, but I'm no really into it. That will need to change. She's very cute and all that, but I seriously was on the proverbial fence about it. I honestly didn't have an opinion about it either way. However, Steph's comment "why the fuck not?" seemed pretty much to hit the nail on the head. So, a little dabbling with the fates, and here she is. Um, she doesn't seem to care for BiBi's playful advances at this point. This must change if we are all to get along. Anyway, pics to come.