Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm putting on Pants

Ok, it's been a minute, but I've been busy and entangled. Talked to ex-girl and tried to clear the air and put the past behind and all the usual water under the bridge stuff, meh didn't go so well. Anyway, suffice it to say we don't have to be friends. Ces't la vie I tried taking the high road but I hold no grudges.

Also, the radio show stuff is starting to come together. I've decided to elicit some help from John, that way I can get enough material to keep going and we can do a show together and we'll both make some extra dough. I'm happy with this arrangment. I just wish our music would pull together a bit more quickly. We have the talent and the ideas to make this work.


She drags me, shabu shabu across couch embers. Raw Octopi embranglements. I am the obesity by which she finds sleep. Or does sleep find her? She chooses goosey hand, liver fat and elbows to be her vital victuals. Mine. She wonders if I bore easily. I wonder if I'm boring. "You don't have to fall for him." Oops. I didn't have to fall for her. Oops. Already old together and stiff backed park-isms. Her skin, sweated and squashy. Salaciousness maker. Oh, to be one of the marshmellows stuck to her bum or "The things I'd do to her." I appreciate her. Thoughts

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


That's today, it's dull. The music is coming along though and I'm happy with the direction it's taking. John showed up with beer, this is why I refer to him as my musical soulmate. My Japanese radio show is due up pretty soon. I'm in a panic state becasue I don't feel I have enough material right now. I'll get it though. Lady pice stuff is all well and fine. I keep waiting to fuck this up, not that I want to but just becasue it's my luck I should think So far it looks like that won't happen, I'm actually pretty good with this one.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot for the Iguana girl.

Interesting weekend when you and your nerdy girl end up at a bikini bar, and the most seedy one at that, at a friends behest. It was her first time in a den of ill repute. It was fun to watch her friends fall in love with the ladies and blow some dollar bills in that manner. I'm no sucker for that game, I've never been fooled and have just seen too much of it, from a different perspective though. Fellas, the strippers you see or think are great at the clubs, anre not the same girls who come home at night. Let that sink in a little if you are even remotely considering actually dating these girls. It's not all that. But, to each his own. Anyway, Birthday Redux and some lazy turned productive sunday adventures. She seems happy. I seem happy.

Friday, August 10, 2007


A girl in cat tipped mary janes, half size too small. Perfect fit for her feline loathing. The blisters steel her resolve, metalurgical resolver. Yarn horder, cat teaser. Hyperbole aside "she has a ton of yarn." I know where I will go should I need to hang myself in full color. Sushi addled Sake bombing, flying Freebird. Three minute naps and she cares enough to count. Half smiles are all I need, they're one word sentences. Half finished movies and I hope we never finish any, ever. "flannel time" and I'm wrapped in the bacon of her comfort. Foam in the sweet shades of sage, late night spinach monster. Nills.......

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Girl Ish

What is it about me and the cute nerdy girls? I'm a sucker for them, that's what. So after some time off from the charms of a lady I've seem to have found one that I'm smitten by. This all happened very randomly and very unexpectedly yet slowly enough not to be too caught up in the moment. She's all kinds of adjectives. We're similar people. As a departure from my norm I have let down the guard a little bit, shown her the proverbial chinks in the armor so to speak. So far she has done nothing to make me regret doing this.