Monday, August 25, 2008

New Radio Show Up. DJ Hanbi in the Hizouse!

So the latest installment of my radio show, The Super Teriffic Happy Hour, went up yeasterday on break thru radio dot com
Be warned that the sound quality of the mic breaks is horrible due to use of a bad, shitty, busted mic. I selected the tracks and did the voice overs (holy fuck do I really sound like that? Vow of silence from here on out. Starting now!) and John mixed it down in an internet cafe in Amsterdam. So yeah, we're called DJ Hanabi, just look for us under the DJs section to listen to the show.

Also BTR finally managed to post the good pic of us. This one is entitled "Formal Ninjitsu"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Note to Self.........

................I'm filing a greivance against myself for not purchasing a Radiohead ticket for tonight. What was I thinking? Perhaps I will saunter down to the park and have a listen. But something tells me I won't be the only person with that idea and the whole inner sunset and upper Haight will be clogged with revelers. Meh!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yum Yum Tuna Bites

Ok, the lighting in the pic is just a shade to the left of awful, but I assure you it was tasty. I had seared tuna in a miso and ginger broth with shitake mushrooms and scallions. On the side a micro geens salad with a soy, sesame, miso and ginger dressing. It was very simple and could have fed two peeps for under 20 bucks. Anyway I'm off to finish watching Escape from New York and continue cutting up sections of astro turf for the bookshelves.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Filling in the gaps and an appetite for destruction.

So my robot is actually almost finished. Holly is doing a bang up job and it's coming out even better than I expected. Who knows when it will be finished or how many small 3rd world countries that could operate for a year on what it's cost me. Oh wells I like it! Also, Steph said she "loves" the way the color pops on my arm. Thank yous! It's part Holly's talent and part keeping myself hidden from sunlight most of my adult life.

Also, for Steph.......

No pics of the girls as they are in trouble. Well Bunny is anyway. This is what happens apparently when we have the nerve to leave the house for a couple of hours and leave things, oh say on the COFFEE TABLE!!!!! Sorry Netflix.

Ok, I said no pics of the girls but how about a stupid movie clip?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Post on Spice Odyssey

Yeah so I was just thinking of a way to kill some time tonight while my eats were in the oven. Yep, hot sauce taste test. Check it out at

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthdays Sux

Hiya Steph! Ok, so I'll have to set this one up because Photobooth didn't record the audio, and to make matters worse it wouldn't load into iMovie for some reason. So here we are with a silent movie. Anyway. Sadly, your cake was starting to get stale. More over it's affect on my determination to not be a flabby bastard was substantial. It was me or the cake, and the cake had to go. As you know I'm a big fan of the garbage disposal, so I thought a proper burial at sea was apropos. When we were little the concept of THROWING AWAY cake wasn't an absurd thought, rather it just couldn't be conceived. Being old is no funs!

Next, Bee just got her Mytaban dip and she was so angry at me. Also, I spent the early hours of the day cleaning the bedroom and the girls have spent the better part of the afternoon trying to figure out how to fuck it up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BiBi n blah

Hiya Steph. Here's a couple of BiBi photobooth pics for the night. She's pretty much passed out. I just finished the next radio show. Epic. Also, when we were out walking we saw some dude who drove his car into a building, for seemingly, no reason what so ever. That's all.

Attention to Details

So Stephy-pop is off to the old country (re;Hong Kong)with Moms to watch the horsies jump over things en-route to Olympic gold. I bid the US team Unicorns and Pegasuses (Or is it Pegasi?) upon whose back they will ride to certain victory.

Anyway before she left she took a picture of Bee in one of her Dr. prescribed turtlenecks (Seriously. It's so her neck heals up) Steph noted that in the pic she looked like a Star Trek character, specifically a Vulcan. So Steph made this little diddy.

I plan on trying to post daily pics of the dogs for Steph to look at while she's gone. They're asleep right now, not much to report.

Anyway, we launched our Spicy Food / Sci Fi space voyage blog the other day. head over to for a looksee.

ANyway, I have a lot of time on my hands for home projects (3 giant Ikea bookshelves to put up and a fixer upper on my furniture stencil). This brings me to the other new Blog DI-Guy which will chronicle my completely unhandy DIY adventures around the house. Steph is Helper Girl. She brings the voice of reason. A prime example "Hey, I can totally retile the bathroom DIY style. I just watched a youtube video." Steph had to bring me down to Earth a little on that one. But at least she's real nice about it.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Bee, Spice and too much food.

On Bee. She has the mange! We're battling the little mites but she has a few war wounds to show for it. Her neck currently has this bald spot which she has scratched until it bleeds. So we've had to cover it up, but unfortunately all of her folds and wrinkles which make her so cute also make it hard to keep things around her neck. So Steph designed this beauty. It's an American Apparel (for dogs. I kid you not) tank top onto which she has sewn some other rando piece of fabric in order to make a Snood. I gave it ear holes so that her ears could pop through. Getting healthy never looked so fashionable.

On Spice Odyssey. I've almost finished the header for our forthcoming little blog entitled Spice Odyssey. It's basically the fact that I like spicy foods and she doesn't and our adventures in trying to strike a balance when eating out. We figure we're not alone in this and others might like to find out what to order at certain restaurants to suit their spice preferences. We've even developed our own rating system. Steph draws a wicked Chili shaped rocket so I think she'll add one to the pic. Anyway here's a preview.

Also, we had Dim Sum at 11 with Guapo and friend. There was a ton of food on the table and we ate our fill. This is all fine and good and normally you wouldn't feel like eating too much the rest of the day. That is unless you have to go to a Chinese banquet menu tasting at 6pm, which we did. 10 more courses of Chinese food to eat all while trying to keep a critical palette since it is after all a menu fine tuning . Oh well we survived, I'm stuffed. no more chinese for a couple of days please.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Holga-y Cow!

I've never considered myself to be much of a photographer at all. I took a photography class once (pre-digital) and discovered quickly it's not my bag. I couldn't stand fumbling around in the dark room and I found the smell of the chemicals nauseating. However, I found that some of the little tricks and manipulations that can produce different effects in photos to be at least a little interesting. Flash forward to now and the digi age of photography. I still don't find myself going much further than simple point and shoot. Again, I don't feel like I have the eye for it so why bother? But within the last year, I've found myself thinking all of these "Lomo" pics are really interesting to me. I just really kind of like the lo-fi quality that all the pics seem to have. They look like someone spent hours in photoshop to make them look "shitty." Of course I still think you need an overall talent and eye to begin with. I'd liken this to the idea that a really good guitar player can pick up even the worst guitar and plug it into the worst amp and it will sound amazing, and a shitty guitar player can shell out the big bucks on Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and brand a new Les Paul and it will still sound like ass. With that being said I bought a Holga, a medium format camera with a color wheel in the flash. My thinking with this is purely for fun. I think it's be good times to just take the camera out on a lazy weekend afternoon and just walk around and take pictures of random stuffs just to see what happens. Who knows maybe even bringing it along to one of the usual excursions to Ikea could make that more fun as well? Hmmm, whenever we get our first batch of Fondu Victory shirts ready, maybs a Holga photoshoot would be cool? Anyway............