Sunday, October 28, 2007

Better Days Ahead

Moving day, not 100% of said date but it's with someone I care a great deal to wake up to everyday. Also, halloween is gay. Went to a terrible club in San Jose. It was over priced and full of bros and half naked, supposedly "sexily" costumed girls, although most of these girls looked like down trodden strippers from some forelorn town in nebraska. We ended up at a horrible denny's with service so bad it was even shocking by Denny's standards. We were with a group of the most bro-tastic dudes ever, I was having trouble feigning like I thought they were cool, or funny. Fortunately, we decided to blow that scene and head to jack in the box for some late night tacos, this was a much better idea. All I can say is "steph, you are a champ." Also, prior t o this we played cooking mama on Wii and let me just tell you if you need eggs cracked, I am your man.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Butt Drunk

If you want to get drunk much faster than usual, I urge you to investigate butt drunkeness. Then please let me know about how you find it to be.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Business

These Shirts are the Ish!!!!!!!

This is so what we used to do with City Sound Productions, except we did area codes and cities. However, I really like the time code for songs idea. Clever Bastards yo

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I made this for Steph. She has the origianl, but you can be a little cool too.

 The Ice Cream of My Heart

Spreadshirt Market Place Design

The Ice Cream of My Heart

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Minneapolis - isms

In Mpls. on a whirlwind tour. My rents are insane, they have seperate ketchup bottles in their fridge. Apparently the have differing brands. Met up with Isara and her man and had sushi at Fuji-Ya, an old hount of ours from when i lived here. We also went to another old favorite the CC Club, a great Mission style dive bar. I'm just now watching a commercial for the Chia Aero Garden, it has a big UV lamp and you can grow fucking lettuce on the kitchen counter! I must have this! I digress, It was good to hang with Isara, it's been almost 10 years and I'm glad she is happy. I miss this city a lot, it just represents so many posiotive memories from childhood and from when I lived here. Mpls. is such an underground city, downtown has really become amazing along the river front with the new Gutherie Theater and all the new lofts and such. Uptown and it's shadey neighborhoods are as hippster-tastic and sanguine as when I left them behind. As for the whether? Global warming is real one has only to look to the upper midwest for proof. It's October, and it should not be 80 degrees here. It just shouldn't.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Inuit Sitcoms

Vancouver is ruling, except for the fucking two way traffic lights, trust me they suck. Steph and I had a food-tastic adventure in the northlands. Let's start with Tojo's, that cat cuts up some mean fish. He also must be as the cliche goes, laughing his way to the proverbial bank with the smug bill he serves up. We were into Tojo to the tune of $800. Emperor Tojo indeed. Saturday, more food. I'm effing stuffed yo! We had dinner with Steph's cousin Vic, at a restaurant called Bluewater. We had the "seafood tower" and this bastard was ridiculous with seafood. It was a virtual cornicopia of the sea. This was $138, and I'd like to point out that shrimp and cocktail sauce is not "fancy" and really is just a sign that the chef has given up. The best part was when I was being gauche by eating from the very top tier, which is where the fucking crab was mind you, I was scolded by the waiter and told that I was doing it wrong. I was also the guy who wears a t-shirt to a fancy dress restaurant. Ces't la vie. Our hotel, which Vic kindly provided for us had some interesting accoutremonts such as the Kama Sutra lube mixed in with the mini bar contents. Also, we thought the gigantic mirror next to the bed was a touch of class and elegance. I found the porn on TV to be a nice touch as well. If in Vancouver, never take the cable car to the top of whatever mountain it was that we rode on. Those fuckers fleeced us for $35 a piece. So not worth it.

Anyway, on the ride back to the States, we lost our Lychees at the border. Agricultural scoldings.

We had enough time to make a brief seattle apprearance. We were touristas at Pike Place. Being so over seafood and meat we opted for cheese. Good times were had by all.