Thursday, September 27, 2007

Note to Self

I need to ride my scooter more. I'm fucking retarded.

Maya SF OJ and Salmon party

We ate at Maya for G-Po's B-day last night. It was ok, the tacos were tasty because they used Filet Mignon. The salmon ceviche was weak, they used OJ as the acid and, meh, that was too sweet to me. It seemed more like something you'd eat in Key West rather than a Mexican dish. Where were the spices? Where was my damn cilantro? Salmon with OJ, not so much. The margaritas were fine I suppose, but a little on the small side. Although a small glass makes me feel like a real "somebody" for some reason. It was also hot as fuck in there. We was sweaty betches! The corn soup was interesting, very thick and not very hot, temperature-wise. I hope that was by design. The tomato Napoleon was kind of ass-like. I would expect much better quality tomatoes if they're going to be a feature. Um, what else, I drank G-Po's beer because he forgot about it because he was hammered. So that's always a plus. I'm never a big fan of everybody pays the same on the tab when it's not family style or tapas. I understand the idea and it saves time and causes less stress etc. but WTF? I know I did not have $53 worth of fucking appetizers.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Left my mind in fields of mushroom lips.

Bah, left my laptop in PA. Looks like a lo-fi night. Other than that working to get another Efrafa track done. Also, taking on an Anti-con remix for a contest. We'll see what comes of it. Went loft hunting yesterday, it's a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After the lofting, I was seriously hungry. I had it narrowed down to Panchita's on 16th, which we were near by anyway. Or, Rosemund in the Lower Haight. The coin landed on Rosemund, now me being me I opted for Panchit's due to fortuitous parking. Bah, it was the worst Panchita's experience ever. Dry Papusas, chips that weren't the normal fresh, hot variety to which I've become accustomed. Sad, all very sad. Plus I had a papusa newbie with me. I don't feel I sold the idea so well. Although they did have some gigantic mexican coke bottles which was nice.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Will be traveling some the next couple of weeks. Vancouver and Minneapolis. I must say falling ass backwards into free plane tickets is really the only way to travel. Also, on the car rental front, I opted to go with the compact. I could have went the economy route, but it's all about impressing the lady and showing her how fabulously well to do I am, in spirit of course. I feel the extra leg room will please her after a gruelling two hour plane ride. I come from good stock and wouldn't tarnish that to save a few bucks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Self absorbtion rates

Finally down to business with Morgan is going to get to work on the site as of today. He's a good shit, that guy. We've managed to form a rare business/ friendship alliance. When I can get free time I'll write an article for his Zine' , As i Would Say. As for the JPop show John Beats and I have nailed it. Also, tonight is musical soulmates night and that means work on Efrafa tracks. I wish we were a bit more consistent with that because I need to be rocking a show and dropping a new album. I have the itch. This weekend is homemade pasta making time with the ladypiece. Should be fun.
The pic has no significance in this post. I just happen to like it as such. Retard Strength!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rents, Retardisms and Stuff

Met the rents, both of us. All is well in that regard. No big deal. We are hopelessly reatrded as well.

Also, my websites are poised for launch. It seems like these final details are all that's keeping them down. Well, that and they have yet to be designed. However, that's the easy part. I hope Katie will rise to the occasion and help make it happen. I am almost spent in the wit dept. today. There are other pressing concerns.