Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Bulgogi Store and Faucet Follow Ups

We took a trip to the Korean store in Daly City on Friday. I just love the Korean store because there are all kinds of adventures that await you. We bought many an Asian baked good. Also Steph challenged me to buy this.

I had no idea what it was but according to the chili pepper on the package it was going to be spicy. I opened up and found this:

It was basically a piece of squid jerky. It wasn't very exciting and certainly not spicy but it was an ample dare. Next I found these:

YES!!!! Bacon chips! So you would think. I think these must be North Korean made because they taste nothing like bacon. Yucko.

My Faucet saga took a turn for the better. I finally got it installed. I had to freestyle a few things. I ended up on a whim buying some 89 cent plumber's tape and it turned out to be the master stroke because we have a working faucet. I was a phone call away from spending who knows how much to get this thing installed. Please partake of my handy work.

And finally Steph is still sick. Her cough is epic. I bought her some very gross tasting cough syrup. I decided she should try the old steam inhalation with the towel over your head trick. I added some of the cough syrup tp the water which made it pretty crazy on the sinuses. Anyway, I snuck the camera under the towel and this is what I saw:

Fetal Steph

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too many Muthaukas ukin' with mah shit!

............. Mah Plumbin' shit!

This post is both an homage to my current fav. show as well as my frustrations with this new kitchen faucet we bought. We bought a german made hasngrohe faucet because the price was nice and it wasn't made in a back alley sweatshop in Taiwan which would ensure it's breakage and overall "weak"ness within days after installation. Mind you I am winging it in the handyman dept. but I'm winging it well yo! I digress; I have this beauty installed and now I have been back to Lowes exactly two times and each time I have been given the wrong attachments for the hoses to hook up to the water valves. Sheesh! After a few calls I discovered that because this thin g is Euro, specifically German we have to go to a different store to get the fittings. The place turns out to be right up the street from the loft. Go figure. Anyway, the Germans didn't lose the war, by god they are still fighting it by providing superior quality products to world that are essentially lacking in seemingly innocuous yet impossible to track down part. Damn you Chancellor!!!!! Hansgrohe and Lowes you gonna wake up in a smoothie. Which brings me to the video. I tied it all together seamlessly. Feel my heat!

Monday, March 24, 2008

St. Patty-Mas-Ter

So Steph and Manda have a little tradition called St. Patty's-Mas. They cleverly decided that buying each other gifts for christmas added to the stress of said holiday. So they decided to wait and do it on a seemingly rando holiday, St. Pat's Day. Anyway, this year that was delayed a week and thus the Easter part was added. Anyway, we decided we wanted to have the most kitsch food possible. We made a glazed ham with pineapple rings, and we made green bean casserole, also potatoes au gratin were featured as well as deviled eggs. G-Po came bearing beans and Manda came with a bounty of easter baskets, for BiBi too. Speaking of BiBi, man did she make out like a bandit. Manda got her her favorite bull penis snacks (seriously) and she got three new babies, oh for the uninitiated in the deep dark cavern of our home lives, we refer to any of her little squeaky stuffed toys as "babies" and she has a lot of babies. Anyway I digress. All in all it was a fun day except Steph is still sick which is no fun for her. And everyone left with a bag of Ham. Life is good.

Pictured Above is my prize winning ham straight out of 1955.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Steph has the plague. I may be next.

Also off topic the test continues:


Monday, March 17, 2008

Steph's Ruling Ideas

1. Bro-purri. Based on my insistance for DIY potpurri (I can't believe I said that). To explain, when I cook rich foods I don't want the whole house to reek of it. So, rather than buy some fucking chemical laden spray, I just put water, maybs some lemons, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, all spice etc. and boil that shit. It really makes the house smell better. Anyway, Bro-purri is for dudes, it helps bed the ladies. Filled with pheromones yo.

2. We so need to Swede Rushmore, once we get a video cam. this is so happening. I think we make natural Maxs and Margarets.


Friday, March 14, 2008

My lady's site be up.

Take a look: Photobucket

Stuff and Such

Ok, rando: John and I for the DJ Hanabi radio show, thus the wicked awesome kung fu. Steph took these for us at our house. Epic! Then we see my Insa Dunny Gif, well the test anyway, but yeah, enjoy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A new BiBi film.

A most epic follow up to her first romp, we follow her further adventures. A TwInkIe Chan production. Ruling!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just the other night I created a three course gourmet meal for BiBi. I used all of her usual food but dressed up the presentation. Her first course was a Napoleon, which was my FAV. It consisted of her freeze dried Force, one of her Nature's Variety Chicken Medallions and some cottage cheese, plus a little salmon oil to give it some body. Her next course was of a contemporary American cuisine plating style that you'll find in most SF restaurants. I used the Force as the pureed root vegetable, I actually tried to get some little grill marks on the chicken medallion, with my tiny Japanese grill. The results were mixed but it did have a nice brown crust. I again went to the salmon oil for sauce. Finally I tried to make sort of a galantine, using all the aforementioned ingredients as well as some raw chicken and some sausage crumbs. I rolled it in parchment paper to get a nice rolled shape. Since the food is raw it didn't stay perfectly. But the idea was sound. We took some pics that aren't so hot, but they'll do.



Below is my reigning Fav. Dunny by Insa although I can't wait to pick up a few of the new French Dunnies. Rad!

Insa Dunny