Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Show at the Gallery

We're hosting a new show down at the old gallery. It's an SF inspired photo show. Come visit us down at Big Umbrella Studios on June 10 or up, depending on what part of town you live. I'm also on board for this one and will be putting a few pieces in. Now if that isn't reason enough to go I don't know what is.

Austin in the springtime. It's effing hot!

Last weekend Steph and I went to Austin Tx. so she could vend at the Renegade craft fair. It promised to be a quick and dirty trip. I didn't want to burn vacation time on this one so we ended up leaving Friday after I got off work and I had to leave on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, we happened to be in the one Texas city that was supposed to actually be somewhat fun and I certainly wouldn't have mined a few extra days to hang out.. Mind you I have already been to San Antonio and I'm not a fan. Houston on the other hand was a decent place. In summary: Austin, it's fucking hot. It's uber humid and then it's gets a bit scorching at the same time. Ugh! The craft fair was fine and dandy. I got to swipe credit cards. We had some seriously epic BBQ. I mean amazing! Lastly, we had some delicious crawfish and a crazy maple bacon doughnut from an airstream food truck called Gordough's. One of the best parts of the trip: Eating terrible late night pizza with Steph in the room after we finally made it to the hotel and bonding with the cabbie on the way to the airport about owning the same Bauhaus T shirt and creepers in high school. Sweet! The worst part of the trip: The Austin airport plays nothing but country music and all their shops close early. Bummer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gallery News

We've undertaken a little bit of a DIY approach to re-imagining our little gallery, Big Umbrella Studios. It's an adventure to say the least. Only about half us are skilled in any kind of woodworking and there isn't a ton of money to invest in these updates. But, we're making the best of it. We're trying to maximize the potential of the space, to bring it a bit beyond the gallery/ studio concept that it's always been. We're building out custom fixtures for our new retail store front. We're painting the ugly, dingy, yucky floors and we've added classes and more events to list of functions our gallery serves. I'll post updates as they happen.

Last night we got our heads around the floor painting portion of the plan. It turned out looking better than we'd thought, not to mention being easier than we thought. So we got around to some hi-jinx last night and I thought I'd upload them to our new Vimeo channel.

The Stunt from Big Umbrella Studios on Vimeo.

Rick's Big Job from Big Umbrella Studios on Vimeo.

Also, we have a new show coming on June 10. I have a couple of photos in the show as well. Go, go, go!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Umami burger in L.A.

It was a hit. I'm putting it up there with Slow Club/ Serpentine and Gotts. The bun is epic.

Wherever you go, there you are

Monday, May 9, 2011

Deliciousity of the Noshings

On Saturday for Mother's day we went Steph's family to Michael Mina. I'll sum up by saying I had pork three ways and delicious wine. I have no complaints. I also got my mom the Nike/ iPod running accessory which is quite fitting as she's taken up doing half marathons, which I find really cool.

On Friday, Steph and I went to what is quickly becoming my favorite Ramen place in the city, Sawaii Ramen. I always get the spicy garlic Tonkatsu Ramen. I love that they have such nice little extras such as pork belly, which I usually get. But on this night they had pork cheek. Had to get it. It was thinly sliced and delicious. If only they would add marrow bones to ramen! Also on the menu was a cut of Himachi that I hadn't tried, nor seen before actually. Hamchi belly. I have to say it was amazing. It's wan't quite as fatty as Toro, but it still had that similar butter-like mouthfeel and it was about half the price. I'm totally sold on this cut.

On Sunday I worked on some epic gallery projects as we work to update the space. Baby steps yo!