Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Much to do about nothing

A list of things to do rather than just talk about:

1. Get photos for Chef on Occasion.
a. Get Morgan to finish editing the site.

2. Two A.M. Poster
b. Two A.M. CD Baby cover
c. promote album better

3. Royal Army
a. Pop/ Fame Shirts
b. Logo

4. Efrafa
a. 9 tracks
b. Add Guitarist and Female or Male vox/ synth

5. Radio Show
a Send out more invites for music
b. Write a new show

6. For Fun Ideas;
a. Bird houses by Various Artists
b. Digital Cuckoo clocks.

7. Pizza Stone (get one)
a. Pizza nite!!!

8. Stencil Fool!!!

9. House Ish.

Ok, the above is meaningless and boring to most anybody but myself. Sorry.

Also, BiBi, has become a little terrorist today!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

We sure do love our dog.

To start with, I'll broach the subject of the B-Day. I usually hate them, they've never been fun to me and I've never been much for parties as I'm not one for being a social butterfly amongst the meadows of various peeps that I know. Anyway, Jan. 11th came and went and was all things considered, a good time. We went to Cha Cha Cha and drank Sangria til' the late hours. I ended up passing out with my glasses on and hogging all the pillows. I awoke dehydrated and not sure of how time had elapsed such as it did. The rents came into the city and took Steph and I to brunch at foreign cinema, all in all a good time.

Let's just say that Steph and I get a little bored some nights, not of each other but you know, it's those times when interesting things happen such as this:

I think I like the follow up a great deal as well, because that was a complete accident: