Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas sans hitch.

It all went smoothly. I'm well fed, well loved and gald that's all over with for another year. My god do I hate Xmas music.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Movements and Canine Shelters

So we've finally moved into the loft, all is well. It's really a great place to live. We're still unpacking believe it or not and just getting settled into our lives there. I even have a little space to make beats and such. It's been a hotbed of worker bee activity, the painter who was there everyday for a week staright, the crazy direct TV installer that holds the building hostage with his self absorbed custom dish setup. Sheesh! The paint scheme lends itself perfectly to the urban forest we envision. Sky blue and chocolate brown or in paint terms Winsome Hue and Black Bean Soup if you will. Also we have a new puppy, she's a hippo and she already speaks warthog and seagull and she's part manatee. Her name after much discussion is BiBi, but could be squiggy,who really knows. She loves poo rocks. Photobucket

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So, the LA craft fair/ D-land excursion was fun and a much needed break, however, it was not condusive to restfulness. We arrived at the hotel at about 4 am on friday, we basically woke up to phone calls at 9:30am. We, at least Steph and I wandered around D-Land in a fog and we didn't leave the park until about 11-ish? I ahve to admit I was very tired and really just wanted to lounge and I think, make that I know that Manda, Steph and even G-po did as well. However, we had to take G-Po back to his hotel, downtown. Also, hanging at a Motel 6 in Anaheim just isn't condusive to fun. So we went to a cool loungy bar in West H-wood. Then on to Pinks for some dogs and fries. That brings us to food. We ate like savages and we ate horribly. I really try to limit my fast food intake to road trips. On the way down we stopped at the following: In and Out, McDonalds for the fries to pair with the In and Out, Wendy's for frosties and then Arby's at 2 AM to quote Hillary, "just because it was there." Then of course add on D-Land fare, which Steph and I wisely split. We did have a nice 4pm Brunch at the Vienna Cafe on Melrose, and the peeps that worked there were just insanely nice. Scene: A vey tired Manda inquiring about the eggs. "what size are the eggs?" A perplexed server who could have been rude "You're silly!" We all had a good laugh at this. A little levity for some tired peeps who still had a long drive back through smelly cow poo. As for the craft fair, Steph got her mypapercrane stump and Manda a cactus. Joy! November has been a little rough, Steph has had a lot on her mind with the new loft and all, so I've been seeing moody, grouchy Steph lately. I get it though and just don't take it to heart. Looks like move in is the 15th and she gets the keys today. I am proud of her even though it's been rough on her. I think the LA trip caused me to be really tired and out of sorts and thus on Monday nite I sort of vented at her. I think it was a bit surprising to her, but she understood after all was said and done. Rambling now.............. Photobucket

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Things that will only interest me:
1. Steph got her loft. Moving day TBD. Hello, astroturf fun!
2. LA Trip next weekend, Ah yeah, Anaheim Motel 6. We do it proper when we travel.
3. Learning Ableton. Need to do this. I've been living under a musical rock. Sheesh!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Better Days Ahead

Moving day, not 100% of said date but it's with someone I care a great deal to wake up to everyday. Also, halloween is gay. Went to a terrible club in San Jose. It was over priced and full of bros and half naked, supposedly "sexily" costumed girls, although most of these girls looked like down trodden strippers from some forelorn town in nebraska. We ended up at a horrible denny's with service so bad it was even shocking by Denny's standards. We were with a group of the most bro-tastic dudes ever, I was having trouble feigning like I thought they were cool, or funny. Fortunately, we decided to blow that scene and head to jack in the box for some late night tacos, this was a much better idea. All I can say is "steph, you are a champ." Also, prior t o this we played cooking mama on Wii and let me just tell you if you need eggs cracked, I am your man.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Butt Drunk

If you want to get drunk much faster than usual, I urge you to investigate butt drunkeness. Then please let me know about how you find it to be.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Business

These Shirts are the Ish!!!!!!!

This is so what we used to do with City Sound Productions, except we did area codes and cities. However, I really like the time code for songs idea. Clever Bastards yo

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I made this for Steph. She has the origianl, but you can be a little cool too.

 The Ice Cream of My Heart

Spreadshirt Market Place Design

The Ice Cream of My Heart

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Minneapolis - isms

In Mpls. on a whirlwind tour. My rents are insane, they have seperate ketchup bottles in their fridge. Apparently the have differing brands. Met up with Isara and her man and had sushi at Fuji-Ya, an old hount of ours from when i lived here. We also went to another old favorite the CC Club, a great Mission style dive bar. I'm just now watching a commercial for the Chia Aero Garden, it has a big UV lamp and you can grow fucking lettuce on the kitchen counter! I must have this! I digress, It was good to hang with Isara, it's been almost 10 years and I'm glad she is happy. I miss this city a lot, it just represents so many posiotive memories from childhood and from when I lived here. Mpls. is such an underground city, downtown has really become amazing along the river front with the new Gutherie Theater and all the new lofts and such. Uptown and it's shadey neighborhoods are as hippster-tastic and sanguine as when I left them behind. As for the whether? Global warming is real one has only to look to the upper midwest for proof. It's October, and it should not be 80 degrees here. It just shouldn't.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Inuit Sitcoms

Vancouver is ruling, except for the fucking two way traffic lights, trust me they suck. Steph and I had a food-tastic adventure in the northlands. Let's start with Tojo's, that cat cuts up some mean fish. He also must be as the cliche goes, laughing his way to the proverbial bank with the smug bill he serves up. We were into Tojo to the tune of $800. Emperor Tojo indeed. Saturday, more food. I'm effing stuffed yo! We had dinner with Steph's cousin Vic, at a restaurant called Bluewater. We had the "seafood tower" and this bastard was ridiculous with seafood. It was a virtual cornicopia of the sea. This was $138, and I'd like to point out that shrimp and cocktail sauce is not "fancy" and really is just a sign that the chef has given up. The best part was when I was being gauche by eating from the very top tier, which is where the fucking crab was mind you, I was scolded by the waiter and told that I was doing it wrong. I was also the guy who wears a t-shirt to a fancy dress restaurant. Ces't la vie. Our hotel, which Vic kindly provided for us had some interesting accoutremonts such as the Kama Sutra lube mixed in with the mini bar contents. Also, we thought the gigantic mirror next to the bed was a touch of class and elegance. I found the porn on TV to be a nice touch as well. If in Vancouver, never take the cable car to the top of whatever mountain it was that we rode on. Those fuckers fleeced us for $35 a piece. So not worth it.

Anyway, on the ride back to the States, we lost our Lychees at the border. Agricultural scoldings.

We had enough time to make a brief seattle apprearance. We were touristas at Pike Place. Being so over seafood and meat we opted for cheese. Good times were had by all.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Note to Self

I need to ride my scooter more. I'm fucking retarded.

Maya SF OJ and Salmon party

We ate at Maya for G-Po's B-day last night. It was ok, the tacos were tasty because they used Filet Mignon. The salmon ceviche was weak, they used OJ as the acid and, meh, that was too sweet to me. It seemed more like something you'd eat in Key West rather than a Mexican dish. Where were the spices? Where was my damn cilantro? Salmon with OJ, not so much. The margaritas were fine I suppose, but a little on the small side. Although a small glass makes me feel like a real "somebody" for some reason. It was also hot as fuck in there. We was sweaty betches! The corn soup was interesting, very thick and not very hot, temperature-wise. I hope that was by design. The tomato Napoleon was kind of ass-like. I would expect much better quality tomatoes if they're going to be a feature. Um, what else, I drank G-Po's beer because he forgot about it because he was hammered. So that's always a plus. I'm never a big fan of everybody pays the same on the tab when it's not family style or tapas. I understand the idea and it saves time and causes less stress etc. but WTF? I know I did not have $53 worth of fucking appetizers.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Left my mind in fields of mushroom lips.

Bah, left my laptop in PA. Looks like a lo-fi night. Other than that working to get another Efrafa track done. Also, taking on an Anti-con remix for a contest. We'll see what comes of it. Went loft hunting yesterday, it's a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After the lofting, I was seriously hungry. I had it narrowed down to Panchita's on 16th, which we were near by anyway. Or, Rosemund in the Lower Haight. The coin landed on Rosemund, now me being me I opted for Panchit's due to fortuitous parking. Bah, it was the worst Panchita's experience ever. Dry Papusas, chips that weren't the normal fresh, hot variety to which I've become accustomed. Sad, all very sad. Plus I had a papusa newbie with me. I don't feel I sold the idea so well. Although they did have some gigantic mexican coke bottles which was nice.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Will be traveling some the next couple of weeks. Vancouver and Minneapolis. I must say falling ass backwards into free plane tickets is really the only way to travel. Also, on the car rental front, I opted to go with the compact. I could have went the economy route, but it's all about impressing the lady and showing her how fabulously well to do I am, in spirit of course. I feel the extra leg room will please her after a gruelling two hour plane ride. I come from good stock and wouldn't tarnish that to save a few bucks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Self absorbtion rates

Finally down to business with Morgan is going to get to work on the site as of today. He's a good shit, that guy. We've managed to form a rare business/ friendship alliance. When I can get free time I'll write an article for his Zine' , As i Would Say. As for the JPop show John Beats and I have nailed it. Also, tonight is musical soulmates night and that means work on Efrafa tracks. I wish we were a bit more consistent with that because I need to be rocking a show and dropping a new album. I have the itch. This weekend is homemade pasta making time with the ladypiece. Should be fun.
The pic has no significance in this post. I just happen to like it as such. Retard Strength!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rents, Retardisms and Stuff

Met the rents, both of us. All is well in that regard. No big deal. We are hopelessly reatrded as well.

Also, my websites are poised for launch. It seems like these final details are all that's keeping them down. Well, that and they have yet to be designed. However, that's the easy part. I hope Katie will rise to the occasion and help make it happen. I am almost spent in the wit dept. today. There are other pressing concerns.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm putting on Pants

Ok, it's been a minute, but I've been busy and entangled. Talked to ex-girl and tried to clear the air and put the past behind and all the usual water under the bridge stuff, meh didn't go so well. Anyway, suffice it to say we don't have to be friends. Ces't la vie I tried taking the high road but I hold no grudges.

Also, the radio show stuff is starting to come together. I've decided to elicit some help from John, that way I can get enough material to keep going and we can do a show together and we'll both make some extra dough. I'm happy with this arrangment. I just wish our music would pull together a bit more quickly. We have the talent and the ideas to make this work.


She drags me, shabu shabu across couch embers. Raw Octopi embranglements. I am the obesity by which she finds sleep. Or does sleep find her? She chooses goosey hand, liver fat and elbows to be her vital victuals. Mine. She wonders if I bore easily. I wonder if I'm boring. "You don't have to fall for him." Oops. I didn't have to fall for her. Oops. Already old together and stiff backed park-isms. Her skin, sweated and squashy. Salaciousness maker. Oh, to be one of the marshmellows stuck to her bum or "The things I'd do to her." I appreciate her. Thoughts

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


That's today, it's dull. The music is coming along though and I'm happy with the direction it's taking. John showed up with beer, this is why I refer to him as my musical soulmate. My Japanese radio show is due up pretty soon. I'm in a panic state becasue I don't feel I have enough material right now. I'll get it though. Lady pice stuff is all well and fine. I keep waiting to fuck this up, not that I want to but just becasue it's my luck I should think So far it looks like that won't happen, I'm actually pretty good with this one.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot for the Iguana girl.

Interesting weekend when you and your nerdy girl end up at a bikini bar, and the most seedy one at that, at a friends behest. It was her first time in a den of ill repute. It was fun to watch her friends fall in love with the ladies and blow some dollar bills in that manner. I'm no sucker for that game, I've never been fooled and have just seen too much of it, from a different perspective though. Fellas, the strippers you see or think are great at the clubs, anre not the same girls who come home at night. Let that sink in a little if you are even remotely considering actually dating these girls. It's not all that. But, to each his own. Anyway, Birthday Redux and some lazy turned productive sunday adventures. She seems happy. I seem happy.

Friday, August 10, 2007


A girl in cat tipped mary janes, half size too small. Perfect fit for her feline loathing. The blisters steel her resolve, metalurgical resolver. Yarn horder, cat teaser. Hyperbole aside "she has a ton of yarn." I know where I will go should I need to hang myself in full color. Sushi addled Sake bombing, flying Freebird. Three minute naps and she cares enough to count. Half smiles are all I need, they're one word sentences. Half finished movies and I hope we never finish any, ever. "flannel time" and I'm wrapped in the bacon of her comfort. Foam in the sweet shades of sage, late night spinach monster. Nills.......

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Girl Ish

What is it about me and the cute nerdy girls? I'm a sucker for them, that's what. So after some time off from the charms of a lady I've seem to have found one that I'm smitten by. This all happened very randomly and very unexpectedly yet slowly enough not to be too caught up in the moment. She's all kinds of adjectives. We're similar people. As a departure from my norm I have let down the guard a little bit, shown her the proverbial chinks in the armor so to speak. So far she has done nothing to make me regret doing this.