Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dutch Baby Sunday

There has sprung up a new tradition in my house and I cannot believe that it's taken so long to come to be. I shall call it "Dutch Baby Sunday." It all started on Wednesday night when Steph and I were at Williams Sonoma in search of a stunning white elephant gift. I found a can of Dutch Baby mix and I had to have it. I had designs on landing this little gem within the confines of the white elephant process, of course. I am that confident. Let us just say that through a very round about set of circumstances in the end I did in fact end up with the Dutch Baby mix. Today whipped up a little Dutch Baby in my cast iron skillet and served it up with sugar and Meyer lemon juice. It was thick and very chewy and delicious and I plan on making these delicious bastards with seemingly little or no great occasion.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Domestic me. Never be me.

There are few things in this world that can succeed in getting my dander up like a clogged drain can. Ever since we've moved into our loft there has been one drain in particular that seems to enjoy making sport of me. The patio drain, the bane of my wretched existence. So far in the past two years this drain has clogged and threatened to flood our living space, not to mention making it damn impossible for the dogs to wander outside. At first I fought with primitive tools such as the plunger. It was time consuming and would allow a brief res bit from the clog but as soon as it rained or even if we sprayed off the patio with a hose the flood would return as if it was only lying in wait for it's next opportunity to once again wreak havoc. Eventually I invested in a pipe snake which I could connect to a power drill. It was heaven on Earth. I had found my Shangri La at last. The clog disappeared for about a year. Everything in life seemed to be perking up. From my relationship with my dogs to that promotion at the office everything was on the rise. Until, a couple of weeks ago when the clog had returned. This time all of the old standby methods seemed like they had been engineered by a three year old boy with a penchant for eating asbestos and lead paint, from the can mind you. So off I went to my local purveyor of hardware goods and that's when I found it, the first of two very fascinating examples of object d' plumbing. Oddly both of these items if taken out of context end up sounding like an inventory list from a porn shop. The first item I bought was the amazing Kinetic Water Ram. This little beauty consisted of a long tube and very much reminded me of a bicycle pump. It even comes with CO2 cartridges. The results were mixed and the worst part was the deluge of unsavory filthy liquid which ended up on my jeans. Next I ended up buying an item which looked like it should come in pink and live under girls beds. The drain bladder. The idea is attach this to hose then to jam this thing down the drain. Once you have it secure you simply turn on the water and the bladder fills up to seal the drain. The water is forced our through a tiny hole in the end with the notion that this high pressure phallus will force the clog down the line. To my great surprise it worked like a charm. A totally awesome charm. Since then the drain has remained clog free. OMG! I just realized I dedicated an entire post to simple house work.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The big time. I've hit it.

I'm getting the most awesome porn oriented spam. Oh and speaking of the orient, did I mention it's from Japan. That's in China for those of you somewhat less worldly than myself. I'd love to share with you the comments, just in case you're into that kind of thing.

人妻 Had this to say to me:


And, this means this in Engrish:

"H the sociable place of the human wives, also the association which is divided naturally OK! In combination with the [ero] human wives of frustration to the taste, it introduces. Same the wife, [serebu], the ripening woman and the SM wife, secret, please meet, play young from the genre of or more six and choose the like woman"

That's sweet!

And then I received one from サイドビジネス:


And this means something that I think will touch everyone:

"It is the guide of the sideline where 1 day 50,000 Yen ~ enters into the hand. The [serebu] woman of the man deviation eats the man who knows each other with the net one after another by power of the gold and scattering and others has done. It doesn't try making the large sum such a woman for the beanbag?"

Congratulations Japan, I've voted you "most pervy" country in the whole world. Germany you're a close second. But, don't hang that head Wolfgang, there's always next year.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Charlie Books. Better than any Twilight or Harry Potter

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey Cat!

This weekend saw the "Steph and Me" show take it on the road to Los Angeles. Saturday night was the Hello Kitty fashion show at Royal-T in Culver City. Steph and her buddy Marissa designed an outfit for the event. It was pretty sweet seeing it on a model walking down a runway. I'd never been to an actual fashion show before, but if they are anything like this I will go to as many as possible. Bryant Park, here I come! You may be asking yourself what the fuck a dude in his mid 30's would find remotely appealing about a Hello Kitty fashion show? Isn't that for, like, 13 year old girls? Um, yeah sure if 13 year olds are into girls in skintight pink latex with no underwear, Hitachino beer, nipple slips, and bitchy q-list girl drama, because that's the fashion show I was at. It was great. All of Steph's Fashionable Girl Posse were there in all of their dolled up splendor. As someone who is all about the not quite yet an Olympic sport of people watching I would have to say in my expert opinion this was probably the best place in all of L.A. on that night to do it. After the show ended we stayed around for some extreme socializing and ordered High Tea. Oh and afterward we treated ourselves to a little Canter's Deli. Fuck do I love their Rueben sammich! The pics do not include shots of the uber sweet and weird Brazilian themed motel we stayed in. Oh and the girl with the Hello Kitty scarf on, yeah thats Steph and Marissa's outfit. One more thing, the blue mechanism that is no doubt befuddling you is exactly what is says it is, yes, it's a pay cologne dispenser. Am I fucking kidding? Nope, I totally found that in some truck stop mens room in the middle of the valley on the way home. I wish I could have witnessed it being used but my utter fear of public restrooms disallowed me the pleasure of hanging around and doing so.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fondu Victory is moving our screen printing operations! (Not that it affects your life)


It looks like we've sealed the deal on a new location for our Screen Printing Shop. We're moving to Big Umbrella Studios in December. It's a gallery space that allows us 24 hour access and is basically set up to accommodate our needs in terms of printing. Also it's super sweet to be amongst a group of other productive, creative types. Also it's location on Divisidero is much closer to our homes and not to mention a much hipper area than the sleepy Sunset. I hope this move bears fruit for us in the new year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

I should have mentioned this earlier

Last week Steph and I headed down to L.A. for an extremely brief sojourn. We went to the 35th anniversary party for Hello Kitty. Normally a Hello Kitty party in and of itself would not usually be an impetus for a 24 hour trip to L.A. (I had an unbreakable tattoo appointment the next day) Don't get me wrong, in a girls quest to be 'cute' a little Hello Kitty goes a long way and I respect that, but I don't love spending more time in the car than in the actual destination itself. But this was different because A. Steph made some accessories for the event and B. Stephs peeps were organizing the event. These two things made it totally worth it. The party was held at Royal T in Culver City. It's apparently where a great deal of L.A. Lolita girls like to congregate for High Tea. I had no idea what to expect even though I knew it was being sponsored by Sanrio but it was also being organized by a couple of Stephs friends and to my knowledge throwing these types of events isn't their main gigs. Upon arrival we quickly discovered that this a very 'Hollywood' bright lights event. There was a line which stretched down the sidewalk. There was a news crew and b-list celebs. And of course there were plenty of peeps in flashy attire. We ended up standing in line for about an hour and a half which to me seemed ridiculous considering Steph was a participating artist. We eventually made it inside and I was astounded by all the contributing artists involved. Some notable peeps were Gary Baseman, Toki Doki, Buff Monster, Huck Gee and Steph's friend Michelle who made some headbands that looked like giant red bows. They were quite a hit. I picked one up for Steph and apparently she got lucky since it was the last one. Michelle's a cool girl and good for her. Among the other exciting things was chiefly the open bar. I very much appreciated drinking free beers. At one point Steph and all of her colorful haired girls were called out by the news crew for a little interview sesh. I ended up taking the opportunity to walk around and check out some of the paintings and some general people watching. When I met back up with Steph we ended up getting to check out the super awesome Hello Kitty Airstream trailer. Afterwards we went over to Swingers diner for some eggs with a whole crew of peeps. We got up the next morning and went to Milk, one of our new favorite L.A. spots to nosh, and grabbed some road eats before heading back to S.F. I ended up skating back to the city with minutes to spare before my tattoo appointment. Needless to say I was bit tired and worn out from all the driving, not to mention a bit hungry. the problem with that is that I think it might affect one's pain threshold because this was probably the worst I've felt ever. Holly (the tattoo artist) spent most of the evening working on of all places my armpit area which on a good day is my very least favorite of places. I endured and walked away closer to being done. Anyway, pics away!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oh how I love the writings of Douglas Adams. I love listening to the old Hitchhiker's radio shows when I'm at my job. This segment is classic. It's about how the most advanced and complex mathematics in Universe is based on the interplay that happens in restaurants. The part about the non absolute values of numbers based on a table reservation is brilliant, especially if you've ever tried to make one for a large group before. It's always a clusterfuck.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soup Nazi

I figured I'd take a moment of my time and impart some wisdom I have learned. That wisdom is good soup. I have this go-to Cambodian soup recipe I really love to make. It ends up being pretty cheap to make, although I do shop at places like Whole Foods so it's not that cheap I suppose. most importantly it is delicious!!! It is no secret that I keep that I think the flavor profiles of Southeast Asian cuisines are my favorite. Salty, sour, sweet, spicy it's all in there. This little number is a great late night dish because it's fairly quick to make. Anyway on to the goods.

1. Chicken - White, dark skin on or off it's up to you. I prefer it to be on the bone for flavor but that's me.

2. Chicken Stock - Scratch made is best but that is admittedly time consuming.

3. Galangal - It's in the ginger family, very prevalant in Southeast Asian dishes. You can use ginger as a substitute.

4. Lemongrass - lot's of it and there is no substituting for this. It's Cru-sch! I have container of it in my freezer pre-chopped. It just makes things easy.

5. Kaffir Lime Leaves - They are tasty and much required. I keep them in my freezer.

6. Thai Basil - It's way dfferent than common basil. Don't try to substitute for it. If you can't find it then skip it.

7. Fish Sauce - Um, it's a must and it's delicious. Easy to find.

8. Rice - Jasmine is the usual here.

9. Cilantro - Super common, but if you can find Saw Grass then go for it!

10. lemon and/ or lime juice -

11. Garlic - as much as you want

12. Shallot - Easy.

13. Green Onions - Easy.

14. Fermented Shrimp paste - It's not for the faint of heart it's stinky and delicious. You have to venture into Asian markets for this. If you don't have it no worries.

15. You can extra things if you want like Chinese long beans, bok choy, cabbage, mushrooms. You can make a vegetarian version as well just sub vege stock and straw mushrooms.

16. Black pepper or Sichuan pepper - Sichuan is around if you look for it. It's awesome because it makes your mouth go numb.

17. Thai chilies - birds eye or you can use serrano or jalapeno if you like.

Now we come to the cooking part:

Step 1: Chicken stock, water (cuts the salt a bit), fish sauce, shrimp paste, galangal, lemongrass, garlic, rice, black pepper. Bring to a boil.

Step 2. Now add chicken and shallot and anything from ingredient 15. Oh yeah, reduce to a simmer. It's pretty much ready when the chicken and the rice are done.

Step 3. I'll bet you're asking what about all that other shit you told me to buy. My answer is "I'm just getting to that!" In a serving bowl, add chopped green onion, chopped cilantro, lemon and/or lime juice (fresh squezzed yo!), Chopped kaffir lime leaves, chopped Thai basil leaves, chopped chili peppers.

Step 4. Ladel hot soup over the fresh ingredients in the bowl and give it a little mix and you're in business. Khmer style.

I think that pretty much covers it. You'll notice I don't give quantities because I don't cook savory dishes that way. You should always build your flavors to taste. Don't let me dictate how much fish sauce is too little or too much for you. Obviously you can always add more of something but it's pretty hard to take it away.

I added a pic. But it's not mine. I forgot to take one but I wanted to at least give a pretty good representation of the finished dish.

Bon Apple Tits.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wow sold!

As it turns out just as we get back from Houston my Squid gets sold to someone, in Houston of all places. Awesome! But I will totally miss the Squid. I have a deer left to embellish and I'll have to get on that quick.

7th Grade

7th grade was an awesome time for me. The Awkward kid.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a dude. I have an Etsy page. Deal with it.

I just posted a new little project to Etsy. It's a Squid.

UPDATE: I just sold the Squid.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some things

Last Saturday Steph and I met up with a couple of our vegan friends in Oakland. They wanted to take us to Souley Vegan near Jack London square. The very idea of soul fod made vegan is so ridiculous. So ridiculous it just might work. We ordered a mélange of soul food staples, veganized. Ok firstly, some of the basic ingredients to really good soul food dishes are butter, lard, and bacon so already we're running into some issues with this idea. Anyway steph and I ordered gluttonous amounts of food because we had to try as much as we could. We ended up with corn bread, collard greens, lentils, chicken fried tofu, BBQ tofu, mac n cheese-like sauce, and French fries and I chased it with a cayenne lemonade. Phew! It was a bit sad having to wait like 45 minutes to get our food. Oh well it was Actually good. I dont normally consider vegan food to be super yummy but I hold to a basic tenet that highly seasoned and deep fried foods will always be delicious and this place was putting on a clinic in this regard. I'll for Shiz go back, with vegans.

On Monday night my buddy alex and I went to see fever ray. It was a bit of an odyssey. One thing I am a complete failure at is prepurchasing tickets for concerts. I fail at this because I am terrible at judging whether a show will sell out or not. In this case I figured I'd just stroll up to the door and buy tickets. Oops! It was well sold out. But as luck would have it we were able to buy scalper tickets. The show was just epic! The lighting scheme was amazing. They used some very low lit Victorian era lamps and some lasers. You really couldn't see the band except for their silhouettes. Also, bonus, no encore. I hate encores. I just hate them.

I just got a sweet haircut.

Wherever you go, there you are

Spice Odyssey: Exploring the Burning Tongues of Saturn.: I approve this message

Spice Odyssey: Exploring the Burning Tongues of Saturn.: I approve this message

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Thai Food

I knew i shouldn't have let myself get so fixated on this place. I just knew it. I saw this place whilst driving down Post st. and for some reason the purple neon lights beckoned to me. We tried to go on Saturday night but couldn't find parking. So I insisted we try it last night. What was I thinking? I hadn't read any reviews of the place prior to going. I hadn't even heard any word of mouth about it either. I just knew I had to do it. I think it's because after eating at the Thai noodle shop in L.A. I have become obsessed with finding similar noodle gems here in the city. I seriously love southeast Asian food. Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese et al. I haven't eaten Laotian food, but I hear it's very similar. Sadly, with the huge popularity of these cuisines there seems to be such a cluster fuck of mediocre to bad restaurants out there. Bahn on Polk st. was no exception. I should have known when Steph pointed out the fact that no one was there when we came in. Bad sign. I should have known when we sat down and watch a roach scurry down the wall. But, I can be one stubborn bastard when I want to be. I learn things the hard way at times. I ordered a plate of unspectacular fried noodles with pork. Snooze. What really drove it home was the pink in color soup that Steph got. It looked to me like when beets are introduced into a salad that has blue cheese dressing, or some other iteration of white cream based dressing, involved. It turns this sickly pink color. What a horrible color for broth to be. The flavor didn't do much to help. I couldn't nail it down but it didn't taste remotely Thai to me. And lastly, the inclusion of faux crab in the soup was just horrific. I deplore imitation crab. Not because of it's taste, which is almost non existent but rather I hate it because it's fake and the restaurant is telling you they are too cheap to use the real thing. It was a sad dinner. Oh and they only take cash which I hate because I hate carrying cash. Steph said she might have thought the servers shoes were okay, for vacation shoes anyway. They were these little shoes that had all the look of a mary jane and all the comfort of a sneaker. I was in no mood. They looked awful to me. They're her feet, but I would have to lodge a protest against them. Seething with rage we went to the grocery store to have a little shop. I said little shop because I'm really enjoying the way Brits say things like "having a laugh" or "having a sleep." I have also heard one of them say that he and his girl were going to do a "big shop" rather than a small one. Brilliant! And no I don't wish I was English and therefore go around annoying people with my faux Brit accent or my insistence that I love soccer. I may annoy Steph at times with my insistence that I love British comedy. Just ask her about when we were fist dating and I put Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in the VCR. But whatevs. I really do. Also I like that they eat a lot of things involving meat pies and mashed potatoes and lots of sauce to cover everything. That's pretty exciting too. To sum up. Bahn no good. Also don't pretend that you're English. It works for Jude Law and that's great but he also got caught fucking his not at all hot housekeepr.


A complete Rando from Germany sent me a request via Youtube to watch her video.l Normally I'd be like "Fuck you and your video!" It's just the way I am. Secondly it was a video of her doing a cover of "Machine Gun" by Portishead. Portishead is one of my Fav bands and if you try and cover one of their songs and you butcher it I'm going to hate you for wasting my time. But I liked that she said she did her own version of it. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This girl killed it. I share it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Thing about weekends when you're unemployed - they don't mean quite so much.

OK, I am gainfully employed, but I was really just thinking about Primus for a second. Ah those were the fun, fun times. This weekend we also had fun, fun times. On Friday night we went to Sebo in Hayes Valley. We've been hearing a great deal about this place, especially after Anthony Bourdain's visit to SF. We wanted to compare and contrast it with a place that Steph is steeped in experience, Sushi Sam's in San Mateo. It's hard to imagine that the best Sushi I've tasted in the Bay Area resides in a suburb, but it does. Sebo was supposed to top it. It features two sushi chefs doing it the old school and very traditional way, the best and most flavorful fish available with minimal preparation. I do love that style. I like it when compared with all the myriad rolled sushi stuffed with everything, including the kitchen sink and given such trite names like, "Dragon Roll." That is not to say I don't like that stuff because I do. I just think it's a bit overdone and used to hide the fact that the fish isn't the best. We ordered 5 different kinds of fish, yellowtail, sea urchin, sardine, butterfish and their very special tuna. Everything about Sebo just screamed to me that this place should be amazing, the atmosphere, the presentation, the colors etc. But they fell short on a couple of major points. Firstly, they are over the top expensive. Secondly, their portions are ridiculously small. Their cuts are probably half of what you'll usually find. Then lastly there was the flavor. I just wasn't getting it. The butterfish, the yellowtail and most importantly the tuna all failed to excite me. To me the tuna didn't taste much different than that of a grocery store bought piece of tuna. It's texture was lacking. Sad. But, the sea urchin and the sardine were very good. Anyway, the total for this meal, plus a a beer and some miso soup was about $80. Meh, I'll tick to Sushi Sams. It's not exactly cheap either but I always enjoy myself there. We were so nonplussed by Sebo, we had to go and get second dinner elsewhere. And speaking of food, we went to visit my business partner and good buddy Andy at Fabric 8 Gallery because he was doing some live food painting. I snatched an ice cream cone from him. It was also good to see his lady and my hair stylist Karafina.

On Saturday we had to go up to Petaluma because the dogs had an "interview" (I'm not kidding.) at a prospective dog boarder. It's a very cool environment for dogs because they spend most of their day running around a large yard with other dogs playing, running, napping and just being dogs. We're so against leaving the girls anyplace where they don't have freedom of movement. It's hard to find but totally worth the search. The interview consisted of us dropping the girls off at 10 am (we were late) and picking them up at 4pm. We hoped for the best. After we dropped them off we headed to Napa to meet up with my Mom and my Aunt who is in town from Minneapolis. We had a great brunch at the Boone Fly cafe . Afterwards we had some time to kill and we headed up to Dean and Deluca to browse around and look at all of the incredible food stuffs. I love Dean and Deluca! I could spend like a million dollars there, on cheese alone. We bought some delicious items indeed. We bought a pink salt brick fro our friends b-day. These things are awesome, you can cook food right on them and the food will absorb the salt. You can serve cold foods on the brick as well and it serves the same function. We also bought the bacon infused peanut brittle as a lark because the packaging is so awesome. Sir Francis Bacon. Priceless! Among the haul we found a pure cane sugar Dr. Pepper in an 8oz. bottle. It was great, and the bottle is so kitsch we're hanging on to it. Then we ended up going with our buddy Oliver, who I am working on an adaptation of the A Team with, to see Jennifer's Body. Steph and I enjoy bad horror together, and we wanted to see how Diablo Cody pens a horror flick. Megan Fox isn't hard on the eyes either. The movie wasn't great but I didn't hate it. I think Diablo Cody's writing is pretty easy to spot. She invents slang that to me sounds kind of lame, but then that makes it kind of cool. Oliver was mad that it didn't have more horrific gore, and Steph just thought it was bad. Megan Fox has no effect on her. I just didn't have an opinion either way. The movie just kind of happened. But, then today I thought about it and there was a movie that came out a few years ago, and I think it was called Tamara? Anyway it was about a girl that was nerdy and then she died and came back as this total sex kitten that lured boys to their doom with her plunging necklines and hiked up hems. It also featured a girl who had to stop her. Shit, that sounds familiar. Way to go Diablo! However, I do see the genius in Diablo Cody putting out a Horror flick. She had such a hit with Juno that it's going to be super hard for her to top it since everything is going to be compared to it. But, then she puts out a horror flick and she gets to have a pass for it being bad because horror flicks are expected to be bad. Then a year or so from now she can try and work on another opus. Brilliant!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hearting these food shops!!!!!!!!

I'm loving the latest in food trends (that I'm noticing at least) here in SF. I'm starting to see a few small sandwich shops starting to open for very limited lunch hours, and often they're sold out before the usual closing times. These shops are distinguishing themselves by using impeccable top shelf ingredients to create some amazing flavor profiles. By keeping the menus small they're able to focus on quality and execution. Rotating the menus sometimes daily allows them to keep things fresh and adds a certain "I must return on Tuesday" quality. The twos shops are Kitchenette SF and The Sentinel SF.

Updated the Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe

So yeah I updated the Etsy shop with a little project spurred on by Steph's grand vision of more boy-centric accessorizing. Head on over to my little Etsy shop and BUY!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sorry vegan peeps

This evening steph and I met up with her family for her dads birthday. We went to a faniciful place where all of your dreams can be seriously considered and possibly green lit. That place of course is broadway prime. Broadway prime serves prime rib almost exclusively. It's quite a sight to behold. They keep it pretty tradtional with horseradish, creamed spinach, potatoes and for the love of all that is holy, fucking popovers! Puffy, chewy, lovely popovers. Sweet! I consumed en masse and it was epic. I shan't eat like that again for another year at least. The experince was not to be outdone by our gift to her pops. We made him some homemade beef jerky and holy miarde it was good! Stephs dad is my spicy partner on crime. I wanted to make him some jerky with a nice bite to it. We decided to go for a Thai flavor profile. I made a marinade using soy sauce, fish sauce, shrimp paste, sriracha, lemongrass, lime juice, onion, garlic, ginger, sugar and 3 kinds of chiles. We put the strips in a 225 degree oven for about 5 hours. All I can say is god damnnit that is some tasty jerky. That's the recipe and you can take it and run with it.

Wherever you go, there you are

Thursday, September 17, 2009

For the glory of the state!

It is done! We're ready to go to print with our new shirt designs. We'll have 7 and then two typeface designs. It took me a little while to really associate a slogan that had an authoritarian slant while corresponding to the design itself. Hopefully these shirts will find their audience. I guess that's where clever marketing plans come into play. Anyway feast your eyes on a sneak peek at the designs to come:

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Unexpected Treat

Last night was something of an unexpected treat. I actually had dueling plans for the day which originally called for either cleaning up the screen printing studio and prepping screens or working on my film project with my buddy Oliver. Neither plan came to fruition so I opted to clean our house. I used liberal amounts of Kaboom! on everything. It's purple and has a pleasing bouquet, if a tad fruity. It seems to work fairly well on most surfaces but I got a little cocky and tried to use it to clean a mirror. OK, that was a fail! I had to redo the mirror with a proper glass cleaner..... Holy shit! I am I really positing a household cleaner review? No, I hadn't planned to until I sat down to write. What I really wanted to do was to give a brief description of how non eventful my Sunday was shaping up to be. However, I really wasn't too worried because I knew an episode of the Mighty Boosh was coming on at 1 am so it was all going to be good. But, what I had forgotten is that Steph's online friend Tiffany Star's, who as it happens to turn out is actually our real life neighbor so to speak, art show at Candy Bar which is a very cool little dessert/ wine bar in the Western Addition area of town. We went to be nice and friendly but it ended up being a very random night of fun. Firstly, her art was pretty cool, very girlie but with a kind of dare I say it an aesthetic Tim Burton might well be proud of. Secondly, Can Bar turned out to be a pretty awesome place to hang out. We had initially thought it was the same place we'd been to before in the T.L. which we came to discover is named Sugar. We really didn't care for Sugar because when you bill yourself as a Dessert Bar you should serve deserts past 10. WTF Sugar? Anyway we discovered that it was not in fact the same place and that we were in new territory. We started with drinks, I had a delicious Michelada, which is basically Beer plus salt, lime juice and Tabasco. It was awesome! Steph had a Strawberry infused beverage that was built from ginger ale, prosecco and a fresh strawberry. We followed that up with a dessert which turned out to be grand. It was called a fudgecicle and it consisted of a liquid fudge that had been flash frozen (in liquid nitrogen presumably) into the shape of a fudgecicle. It had a firm, frozen shell but was liquid inside. Nice touch. It was topped with a cannelle of vanilla bean ice cream and lying in a drizzle of some very flavorful caramel. The best part though was the candied corn nuts. That's right I said corn nuts. It brought a savory edge to the dish and worked really well with the other flavors. Nice!

Another nice part of the evening was that our host, Tiffany and her B/F turned out to be very cool peeps. We sometimes see them when we're walking our dogs and we say hello and all, but Steph and I are kind of aloof at times and most definitely in your face chatty peeps. We ended up talking to them for a good part of the night and as we were leaving they invited us to a late dinner with them at the Bagdad Cafe. As for the Bagdad(sic) Cafe I will say this. I have never been, there are just so many restaurants to go to in San Francisco that it gets hard to try new places as much as you'd like. But, this place is pretty sweet! It's open 24 hours for starters. What blew my mind was the menu. Keep in mind that I had planned on rounding out the evening with a Curry Bun at home, but I opened the menu and they had a "Manwich!" A Fucking Manwich! I haven't eaten a sloppy joe since I was about 6 so I said fuck it, it's a Manwich night. It was pretty good and we'll for sure go back for some late night post '84 rendezvous in the future.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're serious about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Steph and I went to the Yeahs (the other two yeahs are becoming terribly monotonous to type) show last night at the fabulous Fox theater in Oakland. It ended up being a great show. Karen O was fun to watch especially when Steph noted that she was a little reminiscent of Molly Shannon's Mary Katherine Gallagher character in her quirky stage moves. Karen O is a "superstar!" Not only were Karen O's dance moves up for scrutiny but the audience as well. Steph and I are brutal dance judges and let me tell you, the girl in the striped pants was just bizarre. As for the show I have but this to say, and it's really an open note to all bands: Enough with the ridiculously predictable encores! Seriously just tell us you require a minute to gather your thoughts or else just play straight til the end. Also on a side note I loathe public restrooms but Fox theater I would make a pee in your bathroom again anytime! In fact I may go to shows there just to use their nice bathroom. Also before hand we stopped off at a little french restaurant called Spencer's that operates out of a truck on Folsom st. We had frog legs and a halibut bisque. It was tasty! I have uploaded a terrible photo from the night. I couldn't get a better one at the time so we gave up.

Wherever you go, there you are