Sunday, September 28, 2008

The secret of my sex-cess

There comes a time in a dudes life where he must reveal how he is so smooth, how he makes his lady swoon. It is that time in my life. Fellas if you should take heed so that you to can get a rockin' lady of your own one day. I give you SMOOVE B Use this at your own risk for you will become irresistible to the fairer sex.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Museum Nerd over here.

Oh man I just love to go to museums. Whenever I travel someplace I try to go at least one notable museum. When I was a lad I used to make my parents take me to the Minnesota Science Museum where I would geek out on all kinds of things. I loved me some fossils and Egyptian things. Anyway, here in SF another amazing looking museum will be opening it's doors this weekend Academy of Sciences and I can't wait to go. But I think we can give it a couple of weeks because this weekend is going to be crowded. I remember when the DeYoung opened up and it was open 24 hrs. the first weekend and it was always like a 2 hour wait.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm takin it back!

Last night we (well I turned it on and Steph didn't roll her eyes at me) watched a documentary on the Sheffield post-punk scene. It was very cool, and I learned a lot about the beginnings of bands like the Human League, who I really like. I've always known much more about the Manchester post punk scene. So it was refreshing and I've decided to post on of my favie cuts.

Spice Odyssey: Vinda-looney

Spice Odyssey: Vinda-looney

Monday, September 22, 2008

Retro Brunch and Coffee hour

On Saturday we hosted a very retro styled brunch and coffee hour. The idea came from a retro breakfast cookbook from like 1955. It's filled with recipes that can take hours to prepare and strings of pearls to pull them off. Women working? Outside the Home? Balderdash! Who will make Schnecken on a Tuesday morning for Hubby's Elks Lodge meeting after the office? It certainly won't make itself. Ahhh, the 1950's a time when our grandparents we're pretty much our age. A time when drinking a daily highball was routine. A time when........well we've all seen how it ends "Stay Gold" Ponyboy!

We had a solid turnout and Manda really came through with the bacon in the end. I grabbed some pics that Steph took because I blew a whole roll of Holga film that I still have to develop. So I'll post those later on. Anyway. The peeps really came through on the food and each dish made just added to the atmosphere. Enjoy!!!

Here's a pic of our green thing loaded with eats

Here's my Spam n Egg loaf!

Ya want some tomatoes stuffed with corned beef hash and topped with eggs and hollandaise sauce? Ok here ya go!

Man AJ and his lady, also a Stephanie, really brought the heat with this dish. The presentation is just splendid.

How about Andy and Carafina bringing this tater-tot laden monster casserole in a cab! They are ruling!

Last but not least Steph made a 3am pineapple upsidedown cake that turned out amazing and coordinated nicely with one of her latest masterpieces she's been working on. Life imitating art. There is something to be said about baking in the wee hours of the night. Just ask Steph about some snickerdoodles I made one time at ridiculous o'clock.

Anyway, if I had more time to prepare the outfit, Steph suggested i wear the following: Bathrobe (undone), wifebeater, boxers, black socks with sock garters and although footwear wasn't discussed I would opt for loafers.

New Super Terrific Happy Hour up on

So the new show went up today and it's full of some zingers, especially a cover of the Who's "Young Girl 17 and Sexually Knowing" which to be honest I didn't realize was a cover until I was watching Quadrophenia and sort of connected the dots. "We are the Mods! We are the Mods! We are, we are we are the Mods!" Anyway, go listen to some J-Pop on when ya get the chance. Also, holy eff John and I should be getting a check in the mail pretty soon for this I should think.

Also, had a 50's brunch this weekend. It went well. Pics to come.

Got the screen printing studio all set up and ready to go.

Light Kit needed.

Working on a couple of new pages for the stories (shirts).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Wonder Woman query

Steph asked me perhaps the most random and at the same time, coolest question ever. It was about 4 am, which is pretty much sleepy time in our Gnome loft, and out of nowhere Steph asks me "Isn't Wonder Woman supposed to be an Amazon?" If memory serves, I think she is. Anyway, the question immediately made me conjure up the best TV Theme song EVER!!!!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Stephy-Pop, originally uploaded by Mattsy, Holga Adventurer.

One of the New Holga pics.

A couple of new Holga shots.

I put up a couple of new shots from the Holga today.

Mattsy's Flickr

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spice Odyssey: My new Fav Chips and Salsa combo. Holy Fuck are these good!

Spice Odyssey: My new Fav Chips and Salsa combo. Holy Fuck are these good!

Pika Pika

Over the weekend we had to stop by Japan Town to get a book for Steph and we stopped by Pika Pika to hit up the Purikura machines. This place is newer in Japan Town. They used to have a few machines downstairs but none as techno as these. These have a green screen backdrop and a seperate editing booth. It's no joke up in Pika Pika. We cobbled together this beauty. If I could take back the laudry room pic I so would.

What I learned from my time with the Large Hadron Collider

After smashing two atoms of bullshit together at speeds nearing that of light I stumbled upon one of those, unifying the inconceivably big and impossibly small, fabric of the universe type discoveries. "The Death Cab-ostal Service Conundrum" I have discovered that girls, in truth really don't care for Death Cab so much. I Think boys like Death Cab because they think girls like Death Cab. I get it. I suppose they do have some hummable, poppy tunes and the dude has a decent enough voice. By all rights, girls should probably like em. Then again, the dude isn't anyone most girls would ever think of as being "dreamy." Hmmm, perhaps boys like them for the fact that the dude isn't dreamy and in fact this girly voiced fat guy may just be a shade more ugly than most boys. Now do I consider myself a Death Cab dude? Nope. I'd say I'm indifferent, I just don't care.

As for the Postal Service, well it's a terrible name for a band, right down to the very last letter "e", it's just lame and is an indicator that available band names are reaching a threshold. If they were smart they would have called themselves FedEx and worked out some huge product placement deal since they seemed to be going the parcel delivery route to naming a band. Girls should not like the Postal Service. I say this chiefly because I enjoy cozy blanket statements like that. Secondly, I feel that most girls are not usually big time proponents of slightly glitchy, mildly IDM-esque, repetitive-ish synth fests. However, I will say it's done in a pop manner, which is why girls like it. The main difference between the Postal Service and much similar music, which I think most girls would dislike, is that it features vocals. Vocals by the dude from the aforementioned band, Death Cab. As for boys, well I suppose I'd say I probably like the Postal Service more than Death Cab, and that's because I'm kind of a synth nerd. I'd prefer it if the dude didn't sing, thus making it music girls should probably hate. But honestly what do i know because I was once told by someone "Ugh! You have the musical taste of a 30 year old girl!" I thought that as far as insult hurling goes, this was probably one of the best I've had hurled at me and it made me chuckle. Yeah, I like the Smiths, so fucking what? I digress. I feel that boys like the Postal Service for similar reasons to why I think they're OK but also for the same reason that they like Death Cab in the first place. It just so happens that in this case they're actually right. Girls like the Postal Service. But they shouldn't.

I will attempt to note the principles of the conundrum: Girls don't like a band that features a singer who sings for a band whose music they shouldn't like but because he is singing they really do. Lost in all this is the fact that the band they hate features a smattering of acoustic guitar laden songs with emotional and reflective lyrics sung by the same guy from the band which they like but whose music they should hate. I can site proof for the acoustic guitar theory (see below). Boys like things that they think will make girls want to let them touch their boobs. I love being a boy who likes boobs.

(From Above) The Acoustic guitar and the girls genetically programmed to like it theory proof: Janes Addiction's "Jane Says." Seriously, listen to it. There is no girl over 30 who doesn't think this is like the best Janes Addiction song ever. It has an acoustic guitar. I like that song. I have the musical taste of a 30 year old girl. Girls under 30 say "Janes WHO,WHAT? but hey, do you like the Postal Service BTW?"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Too bad.

A member of one of my fav bands died today. I should have went to see them in 1994 when I had the chance. Shucks!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spice Odyssey: Tom Kha in the Can! Bitches

Spice Odyssey: Tom Kha in the Can! Bitches

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Weekend plus a cheese course.

Steph's brother's wedding was this past weekend and it was choc full of chinese food, creepy godfathers and fun. Also, we were treated to Steph's fabulous cousin Victor staying with us. He's a blast to be around, and did I mention, that dude has no off switch. Epic! Last Thursday, we took Vic to Asia SF to watch the Trannys work it. It was good times for all. Below are some pics of various stuff.

At Asia SF

Also at Asia SF

Steph n cousin Vic at the wedding banquet.

Photobucket A lil jump kicking gif

Photobucket The Coup de Gras

As promised there is a cheese course. The idea i have pitched is: One uber wild cheese tasting a month. We had ours for the month and I think Steph said it best in her Yucky Blog:

Also on the agenda with a date to be determined. A Retro Brunh. This all came about when the vintage cookbooks I ordered on eBay arrived. One of the them is entitled "Brunch, Breakfast and Morning Coffee". It's filled with all kinds of eats prepared lovingly by ladies in pearls and fancy dresses with well coiffed hair dos. I hoping to make this thing happen within the next couple of weeks.

And finally as I endeavor to learn to use my Holga I wanted to post to a Flickr account because I figured it was a good place to get tips from other peeps etc. So from my first roll I captured one usable image but I like it. It was taken with no flash and I just left the shutter open for a few minutes. More to come. Holga Pics