Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot for the Iguana girl.

Interesting weekend when you and your nerdy girl end up at a bikini bar, and the most seedy one at that, at a friends behest. It was her first time in a den of ill repute. It was fun to watch her friends fall in love with the ladies and blow some dollar bills in that manner. I'm no sucker for that game, I've never been fooled and have just seen too much of it, from a different perspective though. Fellas, the strippers you see or think are great at the clubs, anre not the same girls who come home at night. Let that sink in a little if you are even remotely considering actually dating these girls. It's not all that. But, to each his own. Anyway, Birthday Redux and some lazy turned productive sunday adventures. She seems happy. I seem happy.

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