Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So, the LA craft fair/ D-land excursion was fun and a much needed break, however, it was not condusive to restfulness. We arrived at the hotel at about 4 am on friday, we basically woke up to phone calls at 9:30am. We, at least Steph and I wandered around D-Land in a fog and we didn't leave the park until about 11-ish? I ahve to admit I was very tired and really just wanted to lounge and I think, make that I know that Manda, Steph and even G-po did as well. However, we had to take G-Po back to his hotel, downtown. Also, hanging at a Motel 6 in Anaheim just isn't condusive to fun. So we went to a cool loungy bar in West H-wood. Then on to Pinks for some dogs and fries. That brings us to food. We ate like savages and we ate horribly. I really try to limit my fast food intake to road trips. On the way down we stopped at the following: In and Out, McDonalds for the fries to pair with the In and Out, Wendy's for frosties and then Arby's at 2 AM to quote Hillary, "just because it was there." Then of course add on D-Land fare, which Steph and I wisely split. We did have a nice 4pm Brunch at the Vienna Cafe on Melrose, and the peeps that worked there were just insanely nice. Scene: A vey tired Manda inquiring about the eggs. "what size are the eggs?" A perplexed server who could have been rude "You're silly!" We all had a good laugh at this. A little levity for some tired peeps who still had a long drive back through smelly cow poo. As for the craft fair, Steph got her mypapercrane stump and Manda a cactus. Joy! November has been a little rough, Steph has had a lot on her mind with the new loft and all, so I've been seeing moody, grouchy Steph lately. I get it though and just don't take it to heart. Looks like move in is the 15th and she gets the keys today. I am proud of her even though it's been rough on her. I think the LA trip caused me to be really tired and out of sorts and thus on Monday nite I sort of vented at her. I think it was a bit surprising to her, but she understood after all was said and done. Rambling now.............. Photobucket

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