Thursday, February 21, 2008

Retard Strength and Other such oddities.

Meeting up with John and Andy tonight. Needless to say, after some early disappointments in trying to work with peeps, T-shirts seem to be underway.

I talked a bit further with the dude that's submitting pics for Chef on Occasion and it seems likely that he may replace Katie in the fold. Optimisim is high. I still need to find out the best and most economical way to ship frozen items. It will be cool if this portion of the business works out as I think it would be great to feature Steph's work as well.

We're so painting that table next to the couch this weekend. Also we're so seeing Be Kind Rewind. I can tell it's epic already.

Also call me lame if you want, but I really didn't think Juno was all that great. I thought Michael Cera should have had a bigger role to play. I'm tired of Ellen Page already.

Below you have what I consider to be a master stroke by BiBi. Also as you will see below that, Steph and I are gay.


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