Monday, November 17, 2008

Egregious with a side of Dim Sum

Sometimes I say stupid things. Scratch that, sometimes I say things stupidly. It's nice to have someone that can give you an extra moment to explain things a little more clearly and with a bit more distinction.

Had an all Chinese eats, lonely dads club weekend. It started with Hot Pot on Saturday and ended with Dim Sum on Sunday. Bonded over the spicy side of the Hot Pot. Was given the White Peeps Fork, "just in case!"

Ordered pizza, because it was there. Saw the new Bond, noticed he only "did it" with one girl. We've come a long way since Connery's shooing his lady of the moment away with a firm smack on the ass and an assertive "Man talk!" Bought my lady a Kettle Corn and I did not smack her ass.

Steph was dizzy, topsy turvey. Dramamine, ineffective.

Buried two rather pricey pork chops under purple cabbage in the crock pot and hoped for the best. The dogs liked it.

Why oh why didn't I back up my hard drive?

Oliver, I owe your boy $20!

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