Monday, May 9, 2011

Deliciousity of the Noshings

On Saturday for Mother's day we went Steph's family to Michael Mina. I'll sum up by saying I had pork three ways and delicious wine. I have no complaints. I also got my mom the Nike/ iPod running accessory which is quite fitting as she's taken up doing half marathons, which I find really cool.

On Friday, Steph and I went to what is quickly becoming my favorite Ramen place in the city, Sawaii Ramen. I always get the spicy garlic Tonkatsu Ramen. I love that they have such nice little extras such as pork belly, which I usually get. But on this night they had pork cheek. Had to get it. It was thinly sliced and delicious. If only they would add marrow bones to ramen! Also on the menu was a cut of Himachi that I hadn't tried, nor seen before actually. Hamchi belly. I have to say it was amazing. It's wan't quite as fatty as Toro, but it still had that similar butter-like mouthfeel and it was about half the price. I'm totally sold on this cut.

On Sunday I worked on some epic gallery projects as we work to update the space. Baby steps yo!

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