Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I will now activate your hand towel.

Last night Stephanie, her brother and his wifey took me to Baum'e in Palo Alto. It's a Molecular take on French food. I have to say that even if the rest of the culinary world thinks the Molecular thing is "over" I still think its a fun experience and highly creative. I've been to places like Moto and WD50 which are somewhat considered Mecca for the cuisine and I thought Baum'e brought it on this night. One thing I liked about their menu was the fact that they don't list the individual dishes on their twelve course tasting menu. Rather they list the ingredients used. I appreciated that as it lent a bit of mystery to the occasion. I'll cut to the food. Firstly, I'll never write a food review in the traditional sense. If I didn't like the restaurant I'm certainly not going to talk about it. Secondly, I'll never talk about the food by saying dishes were playful, whimsical or that the chef paid an homage to his traditional roots. I'll never talk about the beets singing a joyous medley in perfect harmony with the young, supple, virginal goat cheese etc. that stuff always stands out to me as a writer who wants to write prose but no one would read his manuscript. I grew up on the mean suburban streets yo! I speak the raw truth about food. That or I'm just too pragmatic and don't take myself seriously enough to prattle on like that. Either way I keep it real about food. If I'm bothering to write about it and I'm not being paid in any way then let's just assume I liked it and would eat there again. On to pictures of the eats!

I think the best part of the evening was when the sort of nerdy waiter placed a small white capsule in a dish in front of us and said "please don't eat this." he returned shortly with a pitcher of hot water and said "I will now activate your hand towels." Leonard Nimoy would ask this guy for notes on his Spock-like delivery. Classic! So yeah we ate some stuff:

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