Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maya SF OJ and Salmon party

We ate at Maya for G-Po's B-day last night. It was ok, the tacos were tasty because they used Filet Mignon. The salmon ceviche was weak, they used OJ as the acid and, meh, that was too sweet to me. It seemed more like something you'd eat in Key West rather than a Mexican dish. Where were the spices? Where was my damn cilantro? Salmon with OJ, not so much. The margaritas were fine I suppose, but a little on the small side. Although a small glass makes me feel like a real "somebody" for some reason. It was also hot as fuck in there. We was sweaty betches! The corn soup was interesting, very thick and not very hot, temperature-wise. I hope that was by design. The tomato Napoleon was kind of ass-like. I would expect much better quality tomatoes if they're going to be a feature. Um, what else, I drank G-Po's beer because he forgot about it because he was hammered. So that's always a plus. I'm never a big fan of everybody pays the same on the tab when it's not family style or tapas. I understand the idea and it saves time and causes less stress etc. but WTF? I know I did not have $53 worth of fucking appetizers.

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