Saturday, October 6, 2007

Minneapolis - isms

In Mpls. on a whirlwind tour. My rents are insane, they have seperate ketchup bottles in their fridge. Apparently the have differing brands. Met up with Isara and her man and had sushi at Fuji-Ya, an old hount of ours from when i lived here. We also went to another old favorite the CC Club, a great Mission style dive bar. I'm just now watching a commercial for the Chia Aero Garden, it has a big UV lamp and you can grow fucking lettuce on the kitchen counter! I must have this! I digress, It was good to hang with Isara, it's been almost 10 years and I'm glad she is happy. I miss this city a lot, it just represents so many posiotive memories from childhood and from when I lived here. Mpls. is such an underground city, downtown has really become amazing along the river front with the new Gutherie Theater and all the new lofts and such. Uptown and it's shadey neighborhoods are as hippster-tastic and sanguine as when I left them behind. As for the whether? Global warming is real one has only to look to the upper midwest for proof. It's October, and it should not be 80 degrees here. It just shouldn't.

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