Sunday, October 28, 2007

Better Days Ahead

Moving day, not 100% of said date but it's with someone I care a great deal to wake up to everyday. Also, halloween is gay. Went to a terrible club in San Jose. It was over priced and full of bros and half naked, supposedly "sexily" costumed girls, although most of these girls looked like down trodden strippers from some forelorn town in nebraska. We ended up at a horrible denny's with service so bad it was even shocking by Denny's standards. We were with a group of the most bro-tastic dudes ever, I was having trouble feigning like I thought they were cool, or funny. Fortunately, we decided to blow that scene and head to jack in the box for some late night tacos, this was a much better idea. All I can say is "steph, you are a champ." Also, prior t o this we played cooking mama on Wii and let me just tell you if you need eggs cracked, I am your man.

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