Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Much to do about nothing

A list of things to do rather than just talk about:

1. Get photos for Chef on Occasion.
a. Get Morgan to finish editing the site.

2. Two A.M. Poster
b. Two A.M. CD Baby cover
c. promote album better

3. Royal Army
a. Pop/ Fame Shirts
b. Logo

4. Efrafa
a. 9 tracks
b. Add Guitarist and Female or Male vox/ synth

5. Radio Show
a Send out more invites for music
b. Write a new show

6. For Fun Ideas;
a. Bird houses by Various Artists
b. Digital Cuckoo clocks.

7. Pizza Stone (get one)
a. Pizza nite!!!

8. Stencil Fool!!!

9. House Ish.

Ok, the above is meaningless and boring to most anybody but myself. Sorry.

Also, BiBi, has become a little terrorist today!!!!!!!!

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