Monday, June 16, 2008


Why does the Marina have to be so like it is sometimes? I have no objections to "bro's" and their ilk having the freedom to wear all the striped shirts and boot cut jeans they want, it's their lives. However I must object to the offerings of Saturday night. Steph's friend was in town from L.A. and we went to pay her a visit, at the Mrs. Doubtfire house no less, but that's another story. Actually it's not really a story at all just a matter of fact. Anyway we went to the the Blue Light, and after a few rounds of drinks we were leaving in an orderly fashion. All of a sudden a brotastic dude comes walking through and purposely pushes into one of our entourage. There was no reason to do so other than to basically pee on some peeps and show everyone how "totally ripped" he was. Ugh!!!! ANyway, what a dick! Excuse me is an appropriate courtesy to extend in these instances, a common sense of decorum would dictate as such.

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