Sunday, February 22, 2009

The four color shuffle

Thursday night at the Fondu Pot was most productive for us. Minus the slow up we experienced at our local Kinkos when trying to print out some transparencies it was super efficient and a lot of fun. Andy, Alex and I tested our first mutli-color prints and it came out far better than expected. Andy improved the designs immensely by adding a half-tone under layer which gives the prints a little bit more depth and picks up the fine details a little bit more. Alex was great in getting the screens to line up properly. The final print was quite successful. It's sample worthy. The color palette we used needs a little tweaking, such as the red, it's a lil dark and needs to pop a bit more. Now we just need to add some of our branding details, such as our printed label which will be sewn onto the lower front part of the shirt. Also, we'll screen print our logo on the inside of the neckline. Lastly since this is from our proposed story line series, we'll be screen printing text on the inside lower front of the shirt so that when you flip up the shirt it will reveal a small part of an overall story.

I think we all agree that the American Apparel 50/50 shirts are amazingly soft and their fit is awesome. The only drawback is because they are such a thin shirt things screen printed on the inside will pretty much show through. That's not so good. So I've ordered a few of the classic American Apparel shirts as these are a bit thicker and will be better for designs with inside printing. For sure we'll be using the 50/50 for our one off single print pieces.

Steph and I might buy one of those little Japanese screen printing machines so that we can easily do labels and hang tags with a bit less fuss.

Also, all production items will be printed using water based ink.

And at the end of the post is a little tune that I have had stuck in my head for days. it needed to get out.