Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok, okay, O-K

So, if ya know me, you know I love to cook and eat food. I went to school to learn about it even. I cook at home quite often and it makes me happy. I have no ambition to work in a restaurant or anything, maybe I'd own one someday though. After I've made my millions and I can afford not to care that it makes no money of course. Rather, I just like to cook for my lady and I. I can be as messy and unorganized as I want to be, and I often am. I can take as much time as I want to, and I often do and she makes no complaints. She just lets me do my thing. Sometimes I won't start cooking until like 8 or 9 on a school night and we won't end up eating until like 11. That's because we're uber Euro.

As far as what I like to cook, it varies. I was trained in a classical French style so I do enjoy making foods using those techniques. But I also am really drawn to Southeast Asian cuisines. I love working with typical Thai ingredients and trying to make it approachable to Steph and her decidedly non spicy palette while still being able to impart the kick of hot chilies that I crave. I also try my best to make the food look as pretty as I can using our crazy mismatched plates and flatware.
We have a kitchen table, but I love that we take our meals at the coffee table while sitting on the floor. Hey, it works for us.

After I have finally finished creating the only thought that is going through my mind is "I hope this doesn't suck and that she likes it." It makes me really happy when all the elements work together and she does in fact say "it's yummy.". Sometimes she will get out the camera and take pictures of things, I actually really appreciate that she thinks to do that. I guess I never do it simply because my intentions when cooking are centered on: 1. We need to eat something. 2. I hope she likes it. 3. I hope I like it. rather than how to present this to the world.

With that being said I usually never draw attention to the fact that I do these things. But that's not to say I'm trying to be selfish about it. Anyway today Steph just posted this today about last nights dinner. It made me realize that she does in fact enjoy my 'hot stove slav'in' and that it is ok to post a recipe every now and then because maybe someone else would enjoy it. So I think I will try to do this more often and have fun with it. In fact I have planned out this weeks meals and tonight is Curry night. We'll see what happens.


Coralene said...

That was so cute! Maybe that's not the best word, but it was really sweet that your fancy little lady wrote about your dinner (which looked amazing!).

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Hah. Thank you. It's a good word I think.