Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Radio Show? Are you serious? Yep!

Peeps. John and I, maybe you know us as DJ Hanabi? Anyway, we've concocted yet another fineradio program for you to have a listen to. We've also managed to finish two more shows. The best one is the Gothic/ Black Metal show. It's going to be epic.

This weekend I had a delicious doughnut from Dynamo and it was awesome. We had a bacon and maple doughnut and a lemon thyme. The bacon was far superior. Regardless of flavor, the actual doughnuts are superb.

Speaking of superb a group of us went to 84 at the Cat Club on Thursday night. I heard good tunes from cool bands such as the Human League and Men at Work. There was photographic evidence.


Coralene said...

What a BA! My boyfriend and I made an enormous ODB stencil for a friend, framed in a laurel wreath. Clearly wreaths are only for amazing people! :)

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Hah! The girl who is tattooing me these days wants to cover it because it doesn't go with the rest of what she's doing. but I think I might have hold off on that. Also, would lov e to see your OBD stencil.

Anonymous said...

Wicked nice. Man, I hardly get out but clubs here in Montreal are a little less funky than elsewhere, can't wait to visit Berlin this summer - there have an upside down club where patrons get to go in an elevator and to the top floor and wind there way through an actual maze made in the bowls of a factory..

Nerd Love-Bot said...

We probably get out to clubs less than anybody. For one thing neither of us dance. It's just not in our make up. As for Berlin, yes those cats love them some clubbing, that's for sure. I have only been to Frankfurt but I'm certain you'll have crazy fun.