Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Radio Show will be up tomorrow and the A-Team

Tomorrow's the day. The day when another Japan -tastic episode of my radio show The Super Terrific Happy Hour with DJ Hanabi goes live. Believe it or not they pay me for this. It's awesome to behold John and I on the Mic. We are no joke. Also we'll be making T-shirts soon. I'm just kind of working on them.

Also, in other news I wrote a script for a Sweded version of the A-Team. It's going to be Awesome. The best part is that it stars the Yaris as the A-Team van. Oliver and I will co-direct I think. I'm hedging on being in it. I have no personality so it's hard for me to act. Although due to my advanced age I know the A-Team best. We'll see what happens. Also, I need one last good one liner that Hannibal will say before we cut to the freeze shot of everyone laughing. I love that shot it's right up there with a slow clap. Anyway, feed me one liners.

Oh, this is the forthcoming T-shirt.


Coralene said...

Don't "advanced age" me, I need a walker and a prune spritzer compared to you. Exciting about your show though! When do you think you'll have your shirts ready?

Angel Ariel Smith said...

Nice shirt print,very super terrific.

Even though that show was made before my birth I use to watch re-runs with my g-pa and what I remember from it is that Hannibal was always "on the jazz".
I'm amazing with disihing out one liners but to do so I would need to know what the script was about.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Comment 1: Ahhhahahah!!! Classic! It's funny though because my partner in crime that I'm working the A-Team is like 24 and has no frame of reference of the show. It makes me laugh. I'll get the shirts up hopefully in a couple of weeks. Still tweaking some things.

Comment 2: You are rad. I like that your G-Pa watches the A-Team. As far as throwing me a good one liner, it might actually be even more awesome if you have no idea what's going on in terms of the script. Seems like it would be even funnier that way. Throw a few and I'll use the best one. Awesome!

Angel Ariel Smith said...

After consuming three cups of coffee and laughing about the whole A-Team scenerios that could be conjured up, the one liner that came into my head was when I envisioned the entire team standing by the van after a building explosion and Hannible would state...
"If you can't dance, don't blame the dance floor."
Then everyone would laugh.

Being my lame ass self I laughed and continued on drinking my coffee.

Have fun with your remake!

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Sweet! that's going on the list and up for a vote.