Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have been busy editing photos and writing for a big all-encompassing post to document our trip to Europe. I should have it up ASAP. Bob, I thank you for your endless patience. In the meantime here are some mundane things of note:

1. Installing this damnable bathroom ventilation fan has become the bane of my existence and it is testing the mettle of my male "handy" ego.

2. Buying the fancily adorned herb bouquets from Whole Foods is akin to laying 6 bucks on the curb and walking away. It claimed you could put the bouquet in water on the kitchen counter and that they would last. Nonsense. Those things only lasted a day or two at the most. I did find that I like incorporating lemon verbena when cooking. Of course with me being me, I will again purchase this same item because I'd rather have fresh herbs when I need them than go without. I'm just that way when I cook. In fact I spend more to cook a meal for two at home than I would if we were to go out and order the same food. Why is that? It's because I am an ingredient snob. I guess a nicer way to put it is that I don't like to take shortcuts when preparing a dish and I don't like shitty tomatoes.

3. I miss coffee in Italy. Luckily I have Blue Bottle coffee as it's the best here.

4. The latest installment of our radio show will go up on Sun. But here is a sneak peek.

Massive posting to come.


Anonymous said...

Long time no read.

Indeed, being a taste snob is indefinitely superior to inferior foodierior. Blue Bottle, would clash with that remark as the English call garbage flies blue bottles - I'm sure you've probably already discovered that somewhere along the travels. Unless - as my lack of culture might suggest, there is a reference somewhere to flies or simply being fly!

Ahh.. so looking forward to your post!


Nerd Love-Bot said...

Classic! I had no idea about the flies being called Blue Bottles. But seriously, if you come to San Francisco you must try it. It really is some superb coffee despite what the name may speak to you of.

Also, as for the post I promised, it's actually the one just before this post. I had been writing it in chunks.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. San Fran I hear is dope. A must visit if you can make it up the hills :P

Will read. Good blogging!! :)

Nerd Love-Bot said...

I hear similar good things about Montreal though too.