Thursday, July 30, 2009

500 days of Bummer

Last night Steph and I saw 500 Days of Summer. It was either that or Bruno, which we both want to see, but I know Steph and I know she has proclivity for watching Zooey Deschanel movies. Can't blame her, she's easy on the eyes and she looks like you'd find her hanging out at Beauty Bar on a Thursday night. So, using my intuition I was able to determine that even though the film choice rested entirely in my hands I knew there was choice which would make Steph feel a little extra happy. So we opted for the Romantic Comedy,or the Roma-Com as I've decided to call them from here on out in an attempt to give them a hip Web 2.0 edge and so dudes will feel a little more comfortable when approaching the genre. Check this out.

"Hey bro!" "What up dude!?" ""I was just thinking we could go pick up some girls at the Metreon and see a Roma-Com with them!" "Dammmmnnn dude, they will totally want to make out with us in the back of the theater. Let's getter done!"

Or something like that....... Anyway, I don't care, bring on the Roma-Coms. I'm down to watch them. Being the total robot that I am usually the sentiment in these films is so thick it makes me barf. What's great is that Steph shares this love of barfing with me, and is also a total girly robot. I'm not kidding I think she's made of some crazy space metal. But I digress. We rarely actually deign to watch these things outside of the home.

Where was I? Oh yeah, we saw 500 Days of Summer and you know what? It was pretty well done. I loved how they were both Smiths fans and that dude wore no less than two different Joy Division shirts. A dude after my own heart. They also wore cool clothes and the soundtrack was great. Also, it wasn't very sappy. It ended on kind of a sad but happy note.

After the movie we were leaving and we spotted some coin-op rides for kids and Steph wanted to take some impromptu pics. We did so, and Steph was even going to do her "Asian import Model" impression in front of the one that looked like a Ferrari. I had to say it looked pretty hot to me. Just as I was about to snap away, a security guard came along and tossed us out. How lame is that? A. it's not as if we were trying to funnel quarters into these things and take a ride for fucks sake! We were just posing with them. I'm not exactly sure of what we were hurting. Also it's not as if we had to break into anything to gain access, they were right by the fucking exit in a well lit area. So stupid!

Anyway I go a couple snaps off with my iPhone, and then I ran it through the little Lomo-app to give it that "cool factor." There's also one of me trying to look like I'm hanging off a helicopter as it's in flight. I didn't pull it off too well.

Last but not least I snapped a gem of a picture of BiBi doing her thing. We love her.


mel said...

That really bugs me. Security guards are always up your butt about little things like that. Cause i never see little kids on those things anyway, never.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Seriously, it was absurd.