Saturday, August 8, 2009

Food Ciz-Oma

This was stephs bday week of wonders. It began on Thursday, her actual bday, we went to Aziza here in the city. Aziza is a Moroccan spot boasting a chef who won an Iron Chef battle. It was pretty fucking epic! It was to be a 4 course price fixe menu . In that 4 courses there ended up being about 9 dishes. Wow! One of her gifts was a surprise from myself and Manda. It was a cake I had commissioned Debbie Does Cakes to do- a copy of one of her crocheted tissue cozies. It turned out to be dead on acurate! We were super full but we still rounded out the night at '84' for some tasty 80's music with a bit of a nod to John Hughes.

On Friday night we went to spork for a meet up with my old high school besty and her family. Again I was stuffed.

Tonight was just ridiculous. We were treated to an evening at Boulevard- so fancy! I am once again full. Anyway I posted a picture of the cake and we're off to see Paper Heart.

Wherever you go, there you are


Coralene said...

That cake is extraordinary! I have a silly question, but are you guys married? Graham and I are getting married on the 28th of this month this cake just reminded me of that, since I have done zero planning and have yet to get one. We should really just have the actual tissue boxes and not real cake. Oh, you want some wedding cake? PSYCHE.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Thanks. The cake was more than I could have expected. As for our status, no we're not married but maybe people thinking as such means we're doing something right. Anyway congrats to you guys for sure! I find it awesome that your wedding is just a few weeks away and yet you have nothing planned. Fly by the seat of your pants! I'm all for it.