Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey Cat!

This weekend saw the "Steph and Me" show take it on the road to Los Angeles. Saturday night was the Hello Kitty fashion show at Royal-T in Culver City. Steph and her buddy Marissa designed an outfit for the event. It was pretty sweet seeing it on a model walking down a runway. I'd never been to an actual fashion show before, but if they are anything like this I will go to as many as possible. Bryant Park, here I come! You may be asking yourself what the fuck a dude in his mid 30's would find remotely appealing about a Hello Kitty fashion show? Isn't that for, like, 13 year old girls? Um, yeah sure if 13 year olds are into girls in skintight pink latex with no underwear, Hitachino beer, nipple slips, and bitchy q-list girl drama, because that's the fashion show I was at. It was great. All of Steph's Fashionable Girl Posse were there in all of their dolled up splendor. As someone who is all about the not quite yet an Olympic sport of people watching I would have to say in my expert opinion this was probably the best place in all of L.A. on that night to do it. After the show ended we stayed around for some extreme socializing and ordered High Tea. Oh and afterward we treated ourselves to a little Canter's Deli. Fuck do I love their Rueben sammich! The pics do not include shots of the uber sweet and weird Brazilian themed motel we stayed in. Oh and the girl with the Hello Kitty scarf on, yeah thats Steph and Marissa's outfit. One more thing, the blue mechanism that is no doubt befuddling you is exactly what is says it is, yes, it's a pay cologne dispenser. Am I fucking kidding? Nope, I totally found that in some truck stop mens room in the middle of the valley on the way home. I wish I could have witnessed it being used but my utter fear of public restrooms disallowed me the pleasure of hanging around and doing so.


mel said...

you have an awesome girlfriend.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Yeah, she's a fun gal.