Monday, August 23, 2010

A few things

 It's been a busy weekend filled with packing and moving. But somehow I found a few minutes to get into some pretty sweet adventures. First, there's a new screen print supply shop here in S.F. called Anthem and I have to say, it make my life a lot easier when I have to make a quick supply run. Then in between errands we managed to stop by the SF Street Food Fest which was over in the Mission. It was amazing to see this completely underground trend in dining come full circle as an organized and sponsored event. Of course with notoriety comes - lines, long winding lines for food. That's totally understandable though as there are some very good carts out there executing some great food. One of my favs was there, Kung Fu Tacos, and I really wanted to have Steph try it out but their line was uber long and we were pressed for time. We settled for a falafel, It was good enough, but I had some complaints. The Meyer lemon mayo would have been good on almost anything else, just not this. It tasted a bit too much like custard. Also, I have a thing about sandwiches, if they fall apart I automatically hate it. There was so much mayo that it started to drip onto my pants. That's a huge sandwich FAIL and a no-no in my book. As we were going home we happened upon an amazing foodie find in the form of an Irish Bakery and I have to say it was epic. Honestly I don't know much about Irish banked goods beyond soda bread, but this place had so much to offer. I bought this crazy cinnamon thing, that was uber doughy and chewy just the way I like things like that to be. Next we bought some shepherds pie, a sausage roll and a Cornish pastie.  The Sausage roll was my favorite. Then for breakfast the next day I bought possible the most epic baked goods ever - Breakfast in Bread! It consisted of a large chunk of soda bread and was infused with bangers, white and black pudding, cheese and eggs. It was so filling it took me two days to finish. It had a decidedly sage-y taste and I do enjoy sage quite a bit. On the way back from the bakery we happened upon the Chairman Bao truck and I insisted we stop. I ordered a pork belly and pickled daikon bao and Steph got a fried tofu and miso greens bao. I didn't try Stephs, but it looked super good. She commented that the tofu might not have been fried long enough. My bao was ok and I really liked the flavor profile but it was a very large piece of belly and I tend to like pro belly with a big of texture to it as this was a bit too soft for me. It could have used a nice re-firing on a hot griddle to crisp it up a bit. As for the pickles, they were good, but I make better. Sadly in our rush to get things done neither of us bothered to take any pictures as we're normally wont to do. Just think of it as a vintage blog post. In the Victorian era, blog posts were never accompanied by photos. It just wasn't done in polite society.

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