Monday, May 19, 2008

Oy Vey!

On saturday I spent the better part of my early afternoon getting some work done on my arm, thanks holly. It's a funny thing to hear "wow on your skin taht color just looks awesome!" and then it's funny to show Steph and she says "Man, that color your skin looks good, it's not fair!"

Anyway, I digress, as I had to fit my newly tattooed arm into a dress shirt because we went to her Boss' kids Bar Mitzfah. I alos wore a sweater, which lately was a really crazy idea since it's been blazing hot, but I needed to cover up the big blue bandage showing through my white shirt. Anyway the weather cooperated with my sweater. It was fine. Also, I have never been to a Bar Mitzfah before, and I'm told this was not your typical affair. It was quite lavish indeed. There was a giant tent, with a sunken dance floor and a stage, concert lighting and sound, a fully stocked bar with top shelf liquor as well as nice margaritas and delicious chateau neauf de pape(sp, because I'm too lazy to google it right now). The food was tasty, consisting of different buffet stations with things like sushi, lamb chops, ribs, pizza and pasta. Keep in mind this is essentially a kids function, but they made it fit for fancy palates. The best part was the boy band with cheerleaders for back up dancers. One of the male back up dancers weaved his way through the masses and attemptd to hand me a glow stick, which I declined, and his response was to pop and lock away from me. WOW!!!!! Also we heard a rumor that the bar mitzfah boy gets a BJ. What? I feel like I want a Bar Mitzfah. Sheesh!

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