Friday, July 18, 2008

Itchy Beetle

Oy Vey! So Bee went to the Vet today, again, for her skin issues. She has these little bald spots that are pretty gross and weird on their own but when she scratches them until she bleeds well that's just awful. So we come to find out that the vet is again returning an answer of "I dunno WTF that is?" and of course the same regimen of pills and topical solutions, and creams etc. come into play. This is not a rant at the Vet, because I believe they are doing the best that they can and have her best interest at heart. So do we. Anyway, fiscally speaking, $200 a visit after all her pills and goo have been factored in is a bit steep. Plus her doggie insurance doesn't cover her skin issues, which of course are her only issues. I'm just thinking it's about time to visit a specialist, a Vet. Dermatologist to be exact. She's also getting an allergy test very soon. So anyway I hope it works because I know Steph is a little bit stressed out over it because she feels bad for Bee.

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