Monday, July 28, 2008

Radio Days

So after much ado our little radio show has made it's appearance on

John and I started this little extracurricular activity last year and finally made it happen. It's an all Japanese music themed show entitled "The Super Terrific Happy Hour." Mind you, the theme was not my idea. It was simply a genre that was suggested to me as it hadn't been previously broached on the ever more crowded BTR airwaves. Of course this doesn't seem to help me very much in dispelling the myth that I am indeed an Asio-phile, specifically Japedo. Yikes! (I could care less about Anime. And, I'm not into Hentai. Sheesh!) Although the Daiso thing is something Steph and Manda will never let me live down. Ugh.

Regardless it's still a fun show and the music is interesting and it's been a lot of fun because the musicians are so enthusiastic about the idea of other peeps around the world hearing their tunes.


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