Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy Bee

Wow what a whirlwind weekend. On Friday we ventured to Belvedere across the Golden Gate to our friend Oliver's Mom's house to decorate Gingerbread Houses. Yep. I did that. Me of noted Bah-Humbuggery actually did a Christmas-y thing. In my family Christmas is waning in importance anymore. Boo Hoo. But, I had a good time and I quite enjoyed working with Steph to build a Gingerbread dream cottage. I was quite taken with the placement of snow on our house. I had to call upon several winter's worth of snow observations as a little boy in order to get it right. Also, I knew Oliver was Danish but I had no idea he could speak that Viking talk. Nice.

On Saturday we wanted to go to Indie Mart but unfortch, we didn't make it. But I got my Powerbook back from the computer Dr. and I ended up spending way less than I thought. Nice. Then later that night we caught Milk and although I thought it was pretty good I had to call bullshit because Sean Penn is totally using his I Am Sam voice. Look for yourself, the evidence is overwhelming.

Lastly on Sunday we hosted a "food that looks like other food" brunch and gift exchange. It was way fun and the funny was awesome. Steph made a cake made from meatloaf and mashed potatoes. She even went with grated Parmesan which ended up looking like grated coconut. Nice! I made a pizza, a sweet pizza. It was puff pastry with a strawberry sauce I made that looked like tomato sauce and icing sugar to look like mozzarella, I made pepperoni using melted white chocolate that I had dyed red and cut out using a round mold. The look was convincing but the taste was off because my icing sugar kept melting into the not quite cool puff pastry. Thus I had to keep applying icing until I could see white areas. It was way, way too sweet and gooey.

Lastly we come to the gift exchange. It was a white elephant style exchange and I wanted to get something epic. I think the picture says it all. Our friend Oliver ended up with it. He is lucky.

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