Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ugs Mission

As I may have mentioned Steph and I took off last weekend for a little Ugly Sweater meet up in L.A. at Disneyland. Needless to say we were the only two who made it. No problem, we were flossin' in our ugly Christmas sweaters on our own. It was super fun but Steph pretty much captured the magic here D-Land Trip!!!! With that being said while we were at D-land, on a sunny, crisp December day I noticed a lot of girls wearing Ugs. I don't exactly get Ugs and I don't know what to make of them. I suppose on an Inuit girl, sure they work just fine. My favorite is the Ugs with mni-skirt look. So I decided to undertake a clandestine mission. A mission to surreptitiously chronicle the many and various forms of Ugs on girls at Disneyland. This proved to be much harder than I had thought considering I usually had to hold the camera at odd angles so as not to not be too obvious. Many of the girls were with their dudes and understandably most dudes are not going to be cool with some strange guy taking pics of his lady, even for purely academic purposes such as this. I know I wouldn't. Also, there was an issue of catching Ugs on the move and not being able to properly focus the camera. Regardless I was able catch much of the action. Now this is only a small sampling of the Ugs on display at just one location in a city of millions on just one day. Imagine how many Ugs there are walking the streets at this very moment. The figures must be staggering. At the end of the night we were strolling through downtown Disney and we actually spotted the most epic exclamation point for a day of Skull-Uggery. A kiosk that provided a service which allows you to bling out your Ugs. I fucking kid you not. You could seriously purchase metallic and bejeweled accoutrement and have it attached at a fee to your Ugs in order to make them satnd out in a sea of Ugs. (Please note I consider any jeans tucked into a wintery boot to be an Ug incident though the boot may not be an actual Ug. I know, I get it)

On a Side note, I didn't bother to add captions because the the pics speak for themselves, but there was one pic that stands out in my mind and that is the second to last shot. The woman wearing these had a very Eastern-Euro look about her and her choice in footwear is almost a dead giveaway. I say that because you will know a Russian girl by her choice to wear white heels with a track suit. This woman's Ugs were not even actual boots but rather they were these furry ankle things that you pull on over your shoes and tuck your pants into, almost like leg warmers from the days of yore, but better. AWESOME!

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