Monday, December 1, 2008

New Radio Show up!!!!!! And a brief hygiene and ettiqute lesson

Yo yo yo!!! The latest edition of the our radio show is up on BREAKTHRURADIO.COM. This weeks edition is a bit of a departure from our regularly scheduled program, a.k.a. The Super Terrific Happy Hour. This week we've produced our Cooking Show. This idea was basically "cooked up" (OMG! HORRID PUN.)by the BTR peeps. The idea is to list a recipe and a playlist to accompany the "cooking" of said recipe. I cook a lot so this idea did interest me. Also, the great thing was that we had free reign as far as our playlist goes. For the recipe, it's the Spam loaf I made for our Retro Brunch. I also skewed the playlist that accompanies each show accordingly. If you've listened to our shows, and read the playlist you probably know by now John and I have a pretty dry, cynical sense of humor. Very tongue in cheek if you will. Also, the playlist consists of tracks by John which we of course made up fake band names and song names for each. So go to BREAKTHRURADIO.COM and look up DJ Hanabi and listen to the Cooking Show. I would've included a direct link to to our page but, the peeps at BTR never seem to remember to send us our direct link for each show. Oh well.

The next thing I have to say is: Never, ever, ever take food or bev. into a restroom. Especially a PUBLIC RESTROOM! I witnessed this on Saturday night. We were at the movie theater on Saturday and a nameless peep in tow went to use the facilities and took a bag of popcorn along for the ride. WTF? Someone could have held on to that for you. That popcorn has been flagged! And yes, I hate, hate, hate public restrooms. It's not a full blown phobia because I will use them if need be and I have seen a few that were actually quite nice in my time. On a side note, my secret is to always duck into a hotel, preferably a fancy one, and use on of the lobby restrooms. I've told Steph the trick is to act like you're staying there, whatever that means. Seriously I walk into these hotels and in my mind I am telling myself that I am a guest of the hotel and that I just needed to pop back in for some reason. I think this makes it very convincing. Still never bring food into these restrooms.

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