Friday, May 22, 2009

A couple of things

Everyday I ride the T Line which comes up to collect me on my way to my job from cool places like Hunters Point. It really takes all kinds to make the world go round. I see this daily. Ahh it must be 8:30 because the female version of Eminem just got on and she's yelling at her baby in it's stroller again for simply existing. Not 100% sure I can blame her for that, but I'd blame it behind closed doors I'm pretty sure. It's just a decorum thing. Oh wait did she run over someones toes again and not say "excuse me?" Yep, that's her.

Oh is it 8:45 already. Have you finished your 40 oz. bottle of MGD yet sir? Can I recycle the bottle for you?

8:50. And you sir thank you for at least going to the back of the train to spit the gooey contents of your throat onto the floor. Yes we all appreciate your sense of tact in these matters. Oh and sure please do throw that wrapper or paper product onto the floor. Also, just so you know, yes, most dads really do love it when strange wild eyed creepy men try to start a conversation with their 5 year old daughters. It's a perfectly sensible thing to do.

Those are just the regulars. But this morning I was in for a treat. A young gentleman with sweet homemade Tats and fingerless gloves. I really hate when peeps wear those (you know the leathery - bike ridery kind?). He began his journey with a nice bit of small talk, with himself. Then he commented on another mans Pumas, which in and of itself is nice. But, when he proceeded to get into chapter 5 of his memoirs entitled "The pumas I had just like those except they were red but I had to throw them out last night," the conversation just started to get a little painful. Of course i found that after an awkward bit of silence he managed to pull out of it well with this bit of charm "yours look just like my size (maniacal laughter ensues)." Now for a bit of light reading, a well worn copy of Bizarre Magazine. Sweet articles! Then came a light dappling of some kind of creamy salve across the shoulders. I like peeps who are not afraid to moisturize in public. After that, he delved into his satchel and procured a very fancy compact mirror and tweezers and proceeded to make with some really skillful eyebrow plucking. Actually it reminded me I need to do this tonight. And all of this was drawn to a conclusion when he fished out of his bag a host of hypodermic needles and casually laid them on the seat next to him. "Next Stop Embarcadero Station." Ah, this is my stop see you soon sir, see you all very soon. The ride home at 5 is always a treat but that's for another time.

Also, I did manage to get my Etsy up and running. Right now it features just one Giclee print. But I'll put more up soon. Also, as soon as I edit the pics I'll put up Steph's brainchild that I made, "The Bro-ach" it involves an octopus. I won't spoil the surprise though. Anyway go here for a look see. DIRTY UNCLE HAIRY'S WARES


Coralene said...

I love the print. You should maybe reconsider your price explanation though! If it just said $99 I think people would be like, sweet, $99. But the explanation is as long as the description and it sort of seems like you felt a little guilty asking that amount :) Do you know what I mean? But I'm glad you got an Etsy shop finally! I have been trying to think of a name for months and can't seem to get past that part.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Hah! You nailed it. I do feel guilty charging like that. I shouldn't though. I guess I was thinking if I explained that most of that $99 is eaten up by how much it takes to make it might seem less like I just threw out a random price. Then I might avoid peeps saying "who the hell does he think he is charging $99 anyway? So your sound logic kind of wins out. I shall have to make some changes.

Anonymous said...

Sweet prints M. Yup, definitely got to make the buyer feel like they've 'won' something over feeling iffy about that price margin.

Liked your description of the ride, man, Downtown Montreal is full of wild people - yesterday a guy was freaking out - screaming at no-one in particular in Polish. Oddness is abounds in tha city...

You should get some more stuff up on Etsy, if people check you out, you should a have a selection of funky stuff to offer. :)

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Thanks. I've got much more to add. Slow trickle.

Also, Polish is just weird enough on it's own right? I kid, I kid!