Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am uber happy. It's almost that time again. In just a couple short days Steph and I will be taking off for round two our 2009 world tour. This time we're off to Paris and Florence.

I just love that feeling, that feeling of arriving at the airport with an eventual destination. I'm always at my best with passport in hand. Shitty airport croissants taste blissful and that horrible latte might as well be my latest coffee love, Blue Bottle, as far as I'm concerned. All this I can bear because I'll be leaving soon. Yeah, I sure like traveling.

Anyway, this trip is sure to be exciting. Paris, I've been twice and I'll go two more times if I can. As much as I I'm a geek for history, art and architecture I feel like this trip to Paris is being guided by my stomach. Firstly I think I want to blow some coin on visiting one of Guy Savoy's eateries. But, to tell the truth there is nothing I like better than a pastry and a perfect cup of coffee and there is no place better than France to get it. so I think we'll wander over to here Fouchon. Also, I'll want to stop at Notre Dame to light a nice little candle for my grandmother.

Oh and then we're going to Florence. I'm super excited because I haven't been to Italy and I know I've thus far missed out. If I can I'd like to rent a Vespa and just go bananas. Oh, the same history, art and architecture love fest applies to Florence as well and I think I'll pursue that with vigor.

Oh did I mention I'm a lucky boy because this is Steph's annual family tip and I was invited along for the ride? Nice! Anyway, traveling with family peeps is always fun. I hope it's a more Chinese version of the Griswalds trip to Europe. So with that we're off (well on Saturday) and I hope to return just a little bit fatter than I left.

Andy, good luck with your Zazzle job hunt.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm in the French province of Quebec, here in Montreal we have the best of Euro/NY beat. Its very cool and a fun place to head around the Jazz Fest, Nuit Blanche, and Jump Up days. I'm sure you know Nuit Blanche as a all-night party with exhibitions and concerts, art, shows and loads of other stuff all for free.

Jump Up is the Caribbean carnival, a bit like Toronto's.

Wow! What a wonderful trip its going to be, indeed, a trip!! Happy Campin'!!

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Thank You!!! I really do want to visit Montreal sometime because I always hear such cool things about it. I hear it's kind of like a European city, except that it's in North America. Anyway, take care!

Ailurophile said...

Enjoy your vacation. Paris and Florence are both wonderful cities. See you back blogging soon :)

Coralene said...

You need to take way, way more pictures than your last trip. And I hope you do have a Griswold trip! That would be so glorious, your pretty gal can wear her hair in side buns and you can wear lederhosen and you guys can spin around on mountaintops singing the Ricola commercial.