Saturday, May 9, 2009

The new phonebook is here! The new phonebook is here!

Ok, so the title has nothing to do with this post perse. But after our recent tests of the new ink stash I feel a bit of that same excitement that Navin Johnson must have felt when that phonebook arrived. "Things are going to start happening to me now." So we ran a few test prints just to get used to the new inks. This one came out awesome! And yes we think it may be 3D.

You may make a bid on this one of a kind stripy American Apparel beauty if you wish. Please, feel free to do so.

Also, please note that this is a multifaceted renaissance man type post so hang tight as I round many curves.

In circling back to our little screen printing deal. We have a potential job coming up. It's kind of nice using your gear to make stuff for money. Here's a little look see at our lab. In Holga vision.

Also let me introduce you to the boys. There's Alex, your Wine Steward and there's Andy and he's the backbone of a major coffee empire. Note their action poses as I used my extensive photography skills to catch them in real life situations while they worked on things. I told them, just act natural and they did. Great shoot guys. Top shelf!

On Friday night we went to see the new Star Trek. Being a huge fan of Capt. Kirk and Khan I was prepared to hate it. But on this night I chose to celebrate the life one the greatest, Ricardo Montalban. I wore shirt made for me while I was at my job by Steph.

Anyway, I really dug the movie. It was actually super fun. I just hope they inject a young upstart Khan in the coming sequels.

Next we come to some girlie art I made for Steph. I used some squishy pastries we bought in Hong Kong and stuck them to a canvas that I painted to look like a giant frosted piece of pink cake. Take it all in.

And then these are my ladies. I like them.


Coralene said...

I don't have anything post-related to say really, but I definitely want to watch The Jerk now. And Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, for my own reasons!

3-D shirts would be amazing though...

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Yes, you must watch the jerk! i love that movie!

Anonymous said...


Yes and yes. Loved the Star trek movie, saw it last night and thought it was a good mesh of the old and new - very well done.

Screen printing rocks, I've been trying to get myself some supplies and inks for a while but it proved harder to accomplish with limited space/funds. If I lived in space for that matter, I would be doing the 3D holographic suits for the Federation.

You've got talent, I like th photo's too!


Anonymous said...

Ohh.. forgot to mention, I know these guys who do serigraphy posters here in Montreal. They've done stuff for Hot Hot Heat and others... it would be worth checking their stuff out - they have wild style.



Nerd Love-Bot said...

Seriously fun movie. I personally would have cashed in on the kitsch- Mod look when it came to the uniforms and interior of the ships etc. But that's just me. As far as screen printing, there seems to be so many solutions for the space and funds limitations. I swear it's totally doable. As for the peeps in Montreal, thank you for the links. Stuff to read tonight!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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