Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I approve this message

I just came across this Brit-Tshirt company and it just so happens that I think they're pretty clever. The idea of printing up tshirts with movie titles, poster art, logos etc. is kind of tired to me. Of course I say this after having bought a totally sweet 16 Candles shirt which is essentially a print of the poster or as I learned the "one sheet" in industry speak. But I digress, these peeps are creating their own branded logo designs based on a movie. It's actually pretty cool and uber nerdy in most cases. I feel like these guys must be corporate graphic designers. The designs look very clean and also any of them could actually be used for corporate branding purposes.

Behold "Jack Burton. Me!":

I'll give whoever something if they can guess what movie without looking.


mel said...

ohhhh shitt!!! i know this.big trouble china town? something like that. but yeah anyway i get what you mean about the t-shirt companies. i love how they keep squeezing out smurfs over ad over and over....
yeah. goodnight. :)

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Shit yeah! Big Trouble in Little China! And yes the pop culture t shirt companies have no shame, but then again they make plenty o' cash doing it.