Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Tuts!

Yesterday Steph and I finally went to the King Tutankhamun exhibit at the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park. Next weekend is the last weekend but it's been here since Sept. and we're usually kind of busy on weekends so whatevs it took us awhile get there. But it was almost not to be. On Saturday we went to the museum and realized we needed to buy tickets in advance. I've been to enough museums to know that this is how it goes, but I thought that maybe, just maybe everyone who was going to see it had already been to see it and we'd somehow get in easily. Nope! I bought tickets for yesterday for the tour that was to start between 2:30 and 3 and we left pretty much on time and should have made it. That is until we discovered the parking garage was closed! WTF! Parking in G.G. Park is nearly impossible on a weekend and we drove around for about a half an hour. I was becoming mildly dejected as our scheduled tour time was well in the past. I hated the thought of wasting 65 non-refundable dollars like that not to mention getting to see some pretty badass Egyptian artifacts. Magically we found a parking spot. Even though the situation wasn't 100% our fault I was kind of worried they wouldn't honor the tickets. Steph had sense of optimism and she did all the talking. Not only did they let us in, they moved us ahead of the tour group that was waiting to go through the exhibit. We ended up getting VIP treatment for being late. Go figure. Anyway I thought it was a pretty awesome exhibit. It was a little crowded and tough to read about each item as I am wont to do. I find it uber amazing that by the time this guy came to power the Pyramids were already 1000 years old. I also find it interesting that he was such a relatively minor king as far as Egyptian kings go and yet we are so fascinated by him. It makes me wonder what things that we consider mundane or ordinary in our lifetime will be revered and studied thousands of years from now. I like to think about the possibility of my belongings ending up in a museum in some country that as yet does not exist where the people speak a dialect or language that hasn't been developed yet a few thousand years from now. I hope they find my sweet mix tape collection intact along with the rubber pastries on canvas that I did.

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