Monday, March 15, 2010


I recently got turned on to a British Drama-dy called Shameless and I have to say it's pretty good. It's about a poor Manchester family of six kids (they call the boys lads), a town drunk for a father and an absentee mother. The kids are all of various ages and all have quite different personalities. Each episode I've seen invloves some kind of trouble that daily life seems to bring for each of the characters. The reasons I like this show only highlight the difference between U.S. and British Network TV. I must say the Brits do way better with less. The BBC doesn't have anywhere near the budget that American TV networks have and yet they seem to be able to produce a better quaitly show. Using Shameless as an example, the Brits keep it fairly real. There are really no beautiful people on this show. These are regular looking peeps playing characters who have a rough life. In the U.S. there's be no way they'd allow such a thing to occur. The leads would always be uber attractive people and therefore less believable. Even the supporting actors would be good looking. Secondly the amount of shit they allow on British TV is amazing. This show in the US would only be able to be seen on HBO. They get to say "fuck" if they want to, get drunk, show some boobs, have sex , smoke weed, deal with being gay etc. Basically everything that would make a show about "people" and the things that real people do seem believeable. I guess that's really only two points, but to me they're significant points. I really don't watch much U.S. network TV outside of Lost so I have no idea of what's even on these days, but I do know that until the execs at the Networks quit trying to apply chastity belts to our eyes and ears here in the states and try investing in some quality shows more and more people will turn to HBo etc. for their TV fix. Anyway, Shameless is a good show and a total departure for me because I normally crave the pure British comedies. I reccomend you put it in your Netflix queue.


Stephanie said...

What Brit shows do you NOT like.
Also there could be more US cables series that you like, that you just maybe don't watch, like ... I don't know. I don't watch them either. I feel like you are prefer Brit TV because it's Brit. Like being vegetarian. Shameless is like Party of 5, with more buttcrack and nipples.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Haha! And yes, butt crack and nipples, with them Party of 5 would have never been cancelled.

mahuahua said...

See, I can't get into Shameless, though it is really popular!

The reason I'm not into it is that there are actually too many families like that in the UK. We call them 'chavs'. (Though to be honest I really haven't given Shameless a chance to prove me wrong!)

It's just that it reminds me so much of the type of families where not one of the family members will work, they get all their rent and bills paid for by the government and they generally go around being total arseholes.

This bugs me a lot, because I am working class and I (as well as a lot of others) don't act like a chav/idiot. I guess I am a bit bitter as there are idiots who complain about asylum seekers and immigrants, yet the people born here won't even get off their backsides and work for a living. I welcome anyone who wants to come over here and work towards a better life!

I also despise laziness and lack of ambition (and by that I only mean people that would really rather sit at home and never, and I mean never, work).

Geez, I sound like a horrible person don't I!? It probably doesn't help that the family that lives in the flat below us is exactly like this. And when we work real hard to pay our way, people like this get satelite tv fitted, get a new car... and they're mean. Myself and the 'Dad' of the family do not get on at all (mainly as he is a prick to me at any given chance).

But! I love a lot of American tv drama (Dexter, True Blood)... The extra glamour and movie feel really pulls me in :)I actually think it's awesome you love Shameless! Just goes to show how different we all are, which can only be a good thing! xxx

Nerd Love-Bot said...

I was kind of hoping you'd comment. I was curious to hear a UK perspective. I guess then it is a fairly accurate portrayal.

After reading your comment I can say that we are not very much different at all. We have the same issue with people not wanting to work and perfectly willing to go on the dole. Here in the states though there is a huge stigma attached to it though. It's sad because there are many people who use it like it was meant to be used and they get lumped in with those that abuse it. Also, the radical right wing conservatives would love to do away with it all together.

Also, it's the same here regarding immigrants and how they are treated. Um, this place was founded by immigrants and always has been. The thing is those immigrants that come here are will to jobs no one else will do and they'll work twice as hard at it to get ahead. I applaud that and I think it's awesome when someone comes here from nothing and makes it.

I also love all of the HBO/ Showtime shows. They're totally like mini-movies. But there are just too many to follow and keep up with. I was really sad when the Sopranos ended. I've tried Ture Blood and I can see why peeps like it. I tend to gravitate towards the pure comedy shows like Curb your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development etc. But I do watch Lost and 24. My girlfriend and I end up watching a lot of really bad reality shows. We call it pop culture homework. But, Top Chef and Project Runway are really good shows.