Thursday, August 14, 2008

Attention to Details

So Stephy-pop is off to the old country (re;Hong Kong)with Moms to watch the horsies jump over things en-route to Olympic gold. I bid the US team Unicorns and Pegasuses (Or is it Pegasi?) upon whose back they will ride to certain victory.

Anyway before she left she took a picture of Bee in one of her Dr. prescribed turtlenecks (Seriously. It's so her neck heals up) Steph noted that in the pic she looked like a Star Trek character, specifically a Vulcan. So Steph made this little diddy.

I plan on trying to post daily pics of the dogs for Steph to look at while she's gone. They're asleep right now, not much to report.

Anyway, we launched our Spicy Food / Sci Fi space voyage blog the other day. head over to for a looksee.

ANyway, I have a lot of time on my hands for home projects (3 giant Ikea bookshelves to put up and a fixer upper on my furniture stencil). This brings me to the other new Blog DI-Guy which will chronicle my completely unhandy DIY adventures around the house. Steph is Helper Girl. She brings the voice of reason. A prime example "Hey, I can totally retile the bathroom DIY style. I just watched a youtube video." Steph had to bring me down to Earth a little on that one. But at least she's real nice about it.


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