Monday, August 4, 2008

Bee, Spice and too much food.

On Bee. She has the mange! We're battling the little mites but she has a few war wounds to show for it. Her neck currently has this bald spot which she has scratched until it bleeds. So we've had to cover it up, but unfortunately all of her folds and wrinkles which make her so cute also make it hard to keep things around her neck. So Steph designed this beauty. It's an American Apparel (for dogs. I kid you not) tank top onto which she has sewn some other rando piece of fabric in order to make a Snood. I gave it ear holes so that her ears could pop through. Getting healthy never looked so fashionable.

On Spice Odyssey. I've almost finished the header for our forthcoming little blog entitled Spice Odyssey. It's basically the fact that I like spicy foods and she doesn't and our adventures in trying to strike a balance when eating out. We figure we're not alone in this and others might like to find out what to order at certain restaurants to suit their spice preferences. We've even developed our own rating system. Steph draws a wicked Chili shaped rocket so I think she'll add one to the pic. Anyway here's a preview.

Also, we had Dim Sum at 11 with Guapo and friend. There was a ton of food on the table and we ate our fill. This is all fine and good and normally you wouldn't feel like eating too much the rest of the day. That is unless you have to go to a Chinese banquet menu tasting at 6pm, which we did. 10 more courses of Chinese food to eat all while trying to keep a critical palette since it is after all a menu fine tuning . Oh well we survived, I'm stuffed. no more chinese for a couple of days please.

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