Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Filling in the gaps and an appetite for destruction.

So my robot is actually almost finished. Holly is doing a bang up job and it's coming out even better than I expected. Who knows when it will be finished or how many small 3rd world countries that could operate for a year on what it's cost me. Oh wells I like it! Also, Steph said she "loves" the way the color pops on my arm. Thank yous! It's part Holly's talent and part keeping myself hidden from sunlight most of my adult life.

Also, for Steph.......

No pics of the girls as they are in trouble. Well Bunny is anyway. This is what happens apparently when we have the nerve to leave the house for a couple of hours and leave things, oh say on the COFFEE TABLE!!!!! Sorry Netflix.

Ok, I said no pics of the girls but how about a stupid movie clip?

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